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Thoughts: Trent Lowe, Jonathan Vaughters, Matt White

Posted by bikezilla on November 5, 2011

Jim Barlow, Vice President of Finance, Slipstream Sports, promises Lowe his $2,000 bonus, admits that the bonus has been EARNED and promises it to be paid in January 2011.

Yet, it was never paid.

Why is JV risking serious legal action in refusing to pay money that the team admits Lowe has earned? Why is he withholding money that he legally owes Lowe, punitively?

We learn that in August of 2010 Trent Lowe informed JV of the intended move to Pegasus, but not of what form that exchange took place.

Then we learn that Martin Hardie discussed the same issue with JV via email in September 2010.

Yet, JV stated that he was never made aware of this, by anyone at any time in any manner.

Clearly now we see that JV is not being honest when he speaks of the Lowe issue.

But, why? And why when it’s no difficult matter to prove him to be lying?

Again, this just doesn’t fit what we know of JV. He lacks the reputation for being a guy who fucks with his riders or even his former riders, who screws with them about pay issues, who deals with them dishonestly.

So, again I have to ask myself, WTF? What is going on here? What is the source of this bad blood between them? Why is JV demonstrating such malice toward Lowe? What is its root? And why are all parties (Lowe, JV and White) all so intent on hiding it from the world?


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Thoughts: Trent Lowe, Jonathan Vaughters, Matt White

Posted by bikezilla on October 30, 2011

This is a new series, which will simply contain blurbs of my thoughts, related to things the I’m researching for larger articles or interviews.

They may seem to be cut from the center of something larger, thoughts snatched form within thoughts, incomplete on their own.

That’s because they are.

My hope is that they will inspire you to ask your own questions and increase interest in the subject matter itself.

Tom / Bikezilla

Trent Lowe had informed JV (in writing?) about his intent to sign with Pegasus, which would seem naturally to indicate that at least a possibility of Lowe attending training camp at Pegasus in November 2010.

Lowe, clearly should have followed through with the formality of gaining written consent to attend the training camp. But, considering that JV was fully aware of Lowe’s intention to leave Garmin for Pegasus, was this really such a sticky situation that it merited firing Lowe and confiscation of his salary and bonuses?

Or was it merely an excuse to end the relationship in a passive aggressive manner?

This issue itself shows a considerable malice directed from JV toward Lowe. I find this surprising, in that JV is widely and commonly known to be a “riders’ manager”. JV, more than any other manager, seems to view his riders first as human beings and second as racers on his team.
So, where did this bad blood come from?

Is it entirely related to the del Moral problem? And since it was Matt White who sent Lowe there, and since White clearly did so with intent, why is JV directing his ire at Lowe?

There is something in this that none of the involved parties is sharing.

JV claimed, in Velo News, that he had in fact NEVER been informed by Trent Lowe (nor by Svein Tuft), that they were intending to move to Pegasus.

Yet, JV himself had made no effort to speak to Lowe regarding ANY topic, seemed to very intentionally avoid any type of communication and had not made even preliminary efforts at extending Lowes contract with Garmin.

It’s also interesting that VeloNews knew in September 2010 that Tuft was leaving for Pagasus, but JV claims to have been ignorant.

This is just one of many areas where the stories do not mesh and where there is evidence of something deeper and hidden going on out of the public view.

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Garmin-Cervelo Cans Matt White Nearly Two Years After “Mistake”: Part 2

Posted by bikezilla on January 28, 2011

Jonathan “The Poet” Vaughters has again changed his story on why Trent Lowe went see the nefarious Dr del Moral.

This time it was no big deal. Just a routine check up that could have been preformed at any clinic.

The bills came in on Dr del Moral’s letterhead, but Jonathan, a man known for his attention to detail and his involvement with his team on every level, simply failed to notice the letterhead itself or the name of the doctor on the letterhead. It’s a detail typically beneath his or anyone’s notice, or so he claims now. In fact, he insists that no one in the entire organization would ever, ever, ever, evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvverrrrrrrrrrrr notice such a silly detail. It’s all about the facts of the letter’s content. Who the letter and the bill are from is of no concern.

Which makes me ask again, Matt White was fired, why?

And, oh yea, Why wasn’t Trent Lowe paid his December ’10 salary?

Remember how The Poet isn’t just the guy writing the checks? How he actually and honestly gives a shiite about his riders and staff on a purely human level?

Well, apparently when they get a little sneaky and run off to their “new” team’s camp (which is standard practice and not generally frowned upon), but fail to give him the courtesy of informing him in advance and obtaining his written permission to attend, that feels a little like a slap in the face to him. It hurts him in a very personal way.

So was there a bit of vendetta in his handling of the Lowe situation? Yes. Is it understandable, based on the kind of person Vaughter’s is and his connection to his team in a personal way? Absolutely.

Trent Lowe, I guess I can see why you felt a need to play tough guy and threaten to send your Uncle Guido after The Poet. But blackmail is still blackmail and extortion is still extortion, and you deserve any legal problems that come your way as a result of all this.

But, Jonathan, you’re still acting like a freakin’ weasel, changing your story again and again. And it’s clear that you had knowledge of the entire del Moral thing well in advance of the Matt White firing and the Trent Lowe incident.

That calls into question your real commitment to run “The Clean Team”, to honestly fight the good fight vs doping within your team and within cycling.

We don’t forget your time with Lance Armstrong, nor your gifts as a climber during that time, nor your own connections to Dr del Moral.

Eventually the facts will come out. It’d be so much cooler if they came from you, rather than from some sniveling disgruntled former staff member looking for his fifteen minutes.

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Garmin-Cervelo Cans Matt White Nearly Two Years After “Mistake”

Posted by bikezilla on January 23, 2011


Way back in April 2009 (right, nearly 2 years ago) Garmin-Slipstream’s Director Sportif, Matt White, sent one of the team’s riders, Trent Lowe, to a physician who was not on the Team’s “Approved” list.

— The Doctor? Luis Garcia del Moral, a former U.S. Postal team doctor.

Wasn’t Garmin-Cervelo manager Jonathan Vaughters there helping Lance Armstrong win the Tour de France during the same time frame (1999) as the good doctor? Why, yes, he was.

With damned near every rider around Lance Armstrong proven to have doped at some point during their time with him, and with Vaughter’s considerable success as a climber during that time, one would have to suspect that he has firsthand knowledge of Dr del Moral’s crimes and methods.

So White sent the team’s new young rider to an unapproved physician who, oh by the way, has strongly suspected links to doping and direct links to Vaughters himself.

— But wait, there’s more!

Remember when Vaughters vented a nasty little rant vs the GreenEdge Australian national cycling project for, at least allegedly, trying to pilfer Director Sportif Matt White, plus riders Cameron Meyer and Jack Bobridge (all Australians) from team Garmin-Cervelo ahead of the August 1st date for open hunting.

— Now Vaughters wants us to believe that White’s dismissal is all about violating team rules; rules broken nearly two years previous to White’s termination.

Even if you believe that the team was entirely in the dark about this (because there’s no communication internally regarding sick riders and no one actually looks at the bills when they come in), why did it take from “the final stages of 2010” until now to get rid of him?

All through the off season he was kept on. All through training camp he was kept on. He worked closely with Vaughters in the build up to the 2011 Tour Down Under.

After guiding sensational young rider, Cameron Meyer to one TUD stage victory through a long, beautiful and unlikely breakaway, into the Ochre (leader’s) jersey, and then to the overall victory, THEN White is let go.

— Vaughters is an extraordinarily intelligent man and if you follow him and his team at all, then you know that he’s NOT an “out of touch” kind of manager. He really gives a shit about every rider, manager and support person on that team, and he’s deeply connected to the team on all levels.

Jonathan, you KNEW about this well before the end of the 2010 season. But even if you didn’t, it doesn’t take 2 – 6 months to fire an employee for an egregious rules violation, the kind that violates the very core of stated team values.

Something isn’t what you’d have us believe here, yet you persist in treating us like we’re all stupid.

— So what is the real reason for White’s dismissal?

Is it Dr del Moral’s probable connections to doping and the embarrassment of having him in any way associated with “the clean team”? If so, why wasn’t it thought such an embarrassment nearly two years ago when White sent Lowe to him?

Is it White’s connection to GreenEdge? Is he viewed as a traitor? Has he worked to undermine the contracts of Meyer and Bobridge? Or just to ensure that they don’t remain with Garmin-Cervelo once their contracts expire?

It’s more than a little fishy that White gets fired and is instantly singing the “I guess I’ll just go to GreenEdge” song. So I have to doubt his loyalty to Garmin and Vaughters.

That has to hurt a guy like Jonathan, who is involved with his staff and riders even on an emotional level. It’d be especially painful after a similar situation led to Team Sky stealing Bradley Wiggins away from him.

Or is it that White, through his own questionable association with the good doctor, threatened to reveal ugly truths about Vaughters’ time with Postal and his interactions with del Moral during that period?

Did White go to Vaughters and say, “Listen, I don’t want to embarrass you, but if you don’t let me go I’m gonna squeal like a little piggy.”

To which Vaughters might have replied, “Fine. But first you stay and get these guys through the TDU. After that we’ll work something out that makes the fewest waves for both of us and part company.”?

Whatever it is, I don’t buy Garmin-Cervelo’s company line. It’s clear misdirection and I hate being played for a sucker.


Take a few minutes to read the linked article below.

It was actually Lowe who threatened to go public with the Dr del Moral info, just prior to Vaughters’ decision to can White.

Which says a few things.

1. This was a known issue within the team for some time.

2. It wasn’t seen as a big deal until someone thought the press might get hold of it.

3. There was absolute knowledge of the implications of the del Moral / doping / Vaughters connection all along.

4. “Team Clean” is a facade and the “team policy” “zero tolerance” bit is nothing but a smokescreen.

5. I was right about this being based on threat to out the team’s use of del Moral.

I totally agree that cutting ties with White was the right move and would have been the right move even if this issue never existed.

But it seems clear to me that Vaughters is slinging a truckload of bullshiite, and that there is undoubtedly a lot of other stuff that isn’t what he and the team have made it seem over the past few years. Garmin doesn’t really look like professional cycling’s bastion of integrity and clean living, the shining light fighting off the darkness, anymore.

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