Ride the Puddles


Posted by bikezilla on March 4, 2012

A while ago my netbook crashed.

That computer had all of my writing files, including over two years worth of research, articles, voice files, collections of links and bookmarks.

It amounts to hundreds of hours of work and losing it all was incredibly disheartening and depressing. I just couldn’t push myself beyond that to get any writing done.

Whatever caused the crash left the computer in a state where the only solution was to reformat it. However, Universal Tech down in Crest Hill, IL was able to recover all of my files (except maybe the bookmarks).  I expect to have that netbook back within a couple weeks, as soon as I can pay for the recovery and reformating.

Whew! Big sigh of relief.

So I’ll soon be writing again. My firest planned project will be an article or series of articles on Greg Lemond, based on the research I did during the time when I was expecting to interview him.That interview seems to have evaporated, but I don’t see any reason that all the time I spent researching it should go to waste.

See you again soon.

Tom / Bikezilla


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