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Thoughts: Martin Hardie

Posted by bikezilla on November 8, 2011

Remember, this series is excerpted from my raw research notes. There are only a few differences:

1. I’ve corrected most of the typos.

2. I’ve turned disconnected words and phrases in my notes into full sentences, so that someone other than me (you, for instance) will understand them.

3. I’ve formatted the links.

4. I’ve cut out some of the non-relevant thoughts (that is, relevant to the current Thought blurb).to avoid devolving threads.


In the last “Thoughts” I speculated that Martin Hardie is a primary antagonist in the saga of Trent Lowe vs Jonathan Vaughters and Slipstream Sports.

Stout said via Twitter:
“. . . we
both (James and Trent) contacted Martin (Hardie) ATF(after the fact)
They both
contacted Martin only after the being fired by their respective teams? Is this accurate?
From his Cycling Tips interview

So when you were recovering in Denver you started talks with Pegasus. How did that come about?”
[Trent Lowe] 
Martin (Hardie) suggested I talk with Henk Vogels.”

Vogels was Pegasus’ DS.

What was the time frame?

From the same interview:

When did you begin speaking with Pegaus?”
[Trent Lowe] 
Not until July or August (2010).”

So, Martin Hardie was in the picture and counseling Lowe, at very least, in July or August of 2010, but Lowe wasn’t fired until late December 2010 or early January 2011.

When and how did Lowe’s relationship with Hardie begin? Was it ongoing?

From the same interview:

to you know Martin Hardie and what’s your relationship with him?”
I met Martin when he started to interview me for that report (New
Pathways to Pro Cycling) at the Sun Tour 2009. I was happy to do that
and we got to know one another more since then. We’ve stayed in
touch as the year’s gone by

Trent Lowe himself establishes that:

1.  Hardie’s contact with him was ongoing throughout the periods in question.

2. That Hardie pressed him to contact Pegasus without any notification of Jonathan Vaughters (and with no attempt to let Vaughters accept or reject the possibility of extending Lowe’s contract with Garmin) until months later.

3. That while Lowe indeed may have contacted Hardie after the firing, it was by no means his first contact with Hardie regarding the situation with Garmin and JV.


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