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Posted by bikezilla on July 7, 2011

I have a couple announcements about Bikezilla that I’d like to share with you.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that my writing production has dropped way off. There are several reasons for that, beyond the fact that I’m stupid and lazy.

First there was a lot of research and writing I had to do for Strickland and Vaughters interviews (and, again, my thanks to both of them for being so cool to the site), then the studying for my state professional license, now there’s more.

— I’ve been preparing to become a part of a new website. It’s a collaborative site, a lot like the original incarnation of The Postgame, which I wrote for as the NFL writer. But this site will be entirely focused on cycling and I’ll be the primary interviewer, which is very exciting for me.

The new site is called Cyclismas and it should be live any day now (I’d hoped even today, but there’s a lot to get ready).

It’s run by . . . well, I’m not sure I’m allowed to give that away just yet, but it’ll feature guys like @UCI_Overlord and Dan Wuori (who it’s just fine to hate for being funnier than you. I do.) and Joshua Hunt (who it’s ok to hate for being more brilliant than you. I do.) and several other most excellent and equally hateable writers.


— Bikezilla has just (and FINALLY!) started bringing in new writers. I’ve been dying to do this for a long time, but when the pay is zero it’s hard to find good help.

I know, duh, right?

Eric Bowen, who’s worked with the site previously on bike fit related articles, is coming on. He’ll be publishing some of the articles that he writes for his VeloFit news letter and website, here. Yay, here!

If we’re very lucky maybe we’ll get the occasional cycling history article, too, because Eric is a freakin’ encyclopedia of that stuff.

Here’s Eric’s contact info should you require such brilliant, expert service.

Eric Bowen, Owner and Bike Fitting Specialist
VeloFit Revolution
Phone: (858) 414-7093

The Virtual Musette

Eric, at least I hope, is not the last of the writers who will come on board here at Bikezilla. Cross your fingers for me as I continue contacting writers who I know can expertly support my mission for Bikezilla to be a prime resource of helpful cycling knowledge, especially for beginner and intermediate riders, and writers who can present some edge-of-the-cliff, intelligent opinion writing.

And my time will again be limited by needing to study for work, this time to add “sections” or “parts” to my license.

Thank you all for coming in like you do, for sticking with me and for supporting Bikezilla. You rock.

Tom / Bikezilla


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