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Chris Carmichael, the Ignored Lance Armstrong Connection

Posted by bikezilla on May 25, 2011

This linked article was written for Flammecast and is one of the first meaningful articles pointing to trainer Chris Carmichael as one of the most significant antagonists in the Lance Armstrong saga.

It think that many Armstrong detractors have long held Carmichael in contempt, feeling on a gut level that he was one more cog in the Armstrong Miasma Machine. But where to start in our examination?

Flammecast shows us exactly where: With the athletes that Carmichael “allegedly” doped without their knowledge, and with guys like Greg Strock who sued coaches Carmichael and Rene Wenzel, along with trainer Angus Fraser for the equivalent of athletic date rape.

Carmichael settled out of court and had the result sealed. To me the fact that Carmichael made a payoff and that he desperately does not want the details revealed, resounds as a powerful admission of guilt.

Carmichael’s connections to guys like Michele Ferrari and Eddie Borysewicz (aka Eddy B) serve to cement the belief in his guilt.

Here’s the other article that Flammecast pointed us toward, the 60 Minutes II piece from July 11, 2001.

Another athletic date rape victim mentioned in the 60 Minutes II article, is Erich Kaiter. Just to point out that Strock wasn’t a lone victim and that this is a pattern of behavior.

The “alleged” rape of athletic charges was a gang undertaking, with coaches Carmichael, Wenzel and trainer Angus Fraser all “allegedly” taking turns violating their riders. All three were part of the lawsuit filed not only by Strock and Kaiter, but also Gerrik Latta and David Francis. More evidence that this is not just a single incident, but an ongoing pattern of behavior.

Like Strock, Kaiter also settled out of court. Another brick in the wall of Carmichael’s “alleged” guilt.

Notice how USA Cycling, which Jim Ochowicz presided over, is once again in the doping limelight. Though Ochowicz didn’t take over until 2002 (through 2006). What was his role with the organization prior to 2002?

Kendra Wenzel is a partner, along with Renee, in Wenzel Coaching. According to Wikipedia, Kendra Wenzel is now a board member of USA Cycling.

NOTE: Adam Myerson says:” Kendra Wenzel should get left out of that. She came after, and then divorced Rene. Kept his name and the biz, but not him.”

Ernie Lachuga (Ernie Lettuce?) was a rider on the same team as Lance Armstrong, Strock and Kaiter. He was stricken with the identical form of cancer as Lance Armstrong.

Here’s a long conversation about riders who’ve suffered health issues that they believe are directly related to doping during their careers.

Here’s an interview with Strock where he discusses his suit against Carmichael and Wenzel, though the terms of his settlement forbid him from mentioning Carmichael.

Here’s information on the suit, and Carmichael’s out of court settlement, rumored to have been $250,000.

I haven’t forgotten the sinister Thomas Weisel. I just don’t have any more time to write.


Sandy wrote in to say:

“I understand that the training team (Carmichael, et al) fed/injected the athletes “unknowingly” but even I at age 17 knew to ask my doctors what I was being given. Wouldn’t an athlete get at least a bit suspicious that his performance increased so dramatically from a vitamin shot/pill? I think the lawsuit happened because the athletes got sick and I can’t believe that they had no idea at all that they were being given something more than “vitameatavegimins” (I love lucy reference) during their whole time with Carmichael.”


You’re right, they should have asked more questions. but 1. they were minors, so lacked even the legal right to decide for themselves if they could or could not be given injections of anything by team coaches and trainers, and Carmichael “allegedly” failed to ask or inform their parents in any way 2. kids are taught not to question their coaches, to trust them (trust them as adults and as coaches), to let them lead and guide 3. Carmichael “allegedly” violated his position of trust and authority

How do you merge the notion of personal responsibility with those issues? There does need to be some personal responsibility, but how do you weight it and where does it fit vs Carmichael’s “alleged” actions?


4 Responses to “Chris Carmichael, the Ignored Lance Armstrong Connection”

  1. 60 Minutes said

    […] […]

  2. doug said

    I noticed on the Wikipedia article on Eddy B that he was pretty involved with Greg Lemond too. Please, not Greg as well. Does anyone know more details?

    • i think eddie B was involved in the blood doping in the 1980 olympics. though not illegal at the time, i would bet that is what greg was doing.

      • bikezilla said

        I don’t think anyone with an ounce of intellectual integrity can fail to at least wonder if Greg doped. There may be a reasonable doubt as to whether or not, if he did dope, that he knew what was being pumped into him.

        Did he know he was being hit with doses of EPO? Did he honestly believe it was iron and vitamins? If he indeed was ignorant of what was really being done, was that ignorance willful?

        I had an interview set up with him a few years ago, but he ended up blowing me off. I’d have asked him about all of this. I think he knows that.

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