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Posted by bikezilla on May 10, 2011

— Greg LeMond is exactly what cycling needs exactly because he’s outspoken and not afraid to say what needs saying, even at his own expense.

Just one more reason that Lance Armstrong is a douchebag.

Ladies Day at the Seaotter Classic.

I get why Crouch started his Mens Rights thingy. It’s become fashionable to take a dump on the male half of our society, especially in cases of divorce.

But defending mens rights shouldn’t require crushing efforts to uplift and encourage women, and to uplift their position in sport.

Being pro mens rights should not also mean hating women or the promotion and elevation of women.

Crouch seems more like a bitter loveless douchebag (anyone see a theme, here) than a mens rights champion.

— Back to Lance Armstrong, the multi-organization case against him has has asked French authorities for investigative help.

Is the Armstrong case just like the Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens cases?

“This case isn’t like Bonds and Clemens,” said one person familiar with the investigation, bringing up pitcher Roger Clemens’ upcoming trial on perjury charges related to alleged use of PEDs. “Those were about lying. This is about corruption to the core.”

— Hmmmmmm, this kid sounds like the Second Coming of Lance Armstrong, except he got caught

and oh my, look at that, HGH can cause heart enlargement, just like Lance’s!

— You’ll enjoy this interview even if you hate David Millar and Bill Strickland.


— — Damn, Strickland is the new Jonathan Vaughters; He’s everywhere.

That link takes you to his CNN interview about Wouter Weylandt and the adequacy of safety measures in professional cycling.

— Hermitblogger on on Wouter Weyandt’s death.


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