Ride the Puddles

Anonymous Sources Tell Me:

Posted by bikezilla on May 4, 2011

— “Pat McQuaid left Osama bin Laden’s digs just minutes before the raid.”

Huh. We almost had a twofer.

— “Jonathan Vaughters’ “Shave the Burns” fund is actually being used to bribe Hein Verbruggen to help with the ‘race radio thing'”.

— “When Pat McQuaid heard about the “Shave the Burns” fundraiser he instantly called Hein Verbruggen. Together they planned to have Hein contact JV, suggest that for, omg, $12,000, Hein might be persuaded to “work a little magic” on AIGCP’s behalf.

But all along Pat and Hein were planning to split the cash and have Hein tell JV, ‘Sorry, I really tried, but it just didn’t work out.'”

Shit. We’ll never get those damned sideburns shaved off, now.

— You wonder why Bill Strickland couldn’t bother to dress it up a little for his big video about Bicycling magazine’s makeover?

“That IS Bill “dressing it up”“.

— “Pat McQuaid keeps Lance Armstrong’s cancerous testicle in his mouth in a jar of alcohol beside his bed.”


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