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Posted by bikezilla on April 23, 2011

UCI President Pat McQuaid thinks that if he accuses teams and riders of his own sins, that we’ll all be distracted and totally forget what a malicious, manipulative, greedy, self-serving, megalomaniacal douche he is (makes you wonder if he could be Lance Armstrong’s biological father).

Or not.

— A nice background story on Garmin – Cervelo director Eric Van Lancker.

Whether it’s fair or not and whether it’s right or not, Garvelo’s practice of making more info about the team readily available to the public is a factor in why fans and journalists have become increasingly kind in their views about the team and Jonathan Vaughters.

It’s a lot of effort, but it’s smart PR and it pays off.

Hopefully it doesn’t lull us into failing to call bullshit when it should be called.

— Chris Horner and Mike Tamayo Give a breakdown of the Tour of California.

Regardless of your opinion regarding Horner due to his association and commitment to Lance Armstrong, his race analysis is always fantastic. I think he’ll be an amazing DS if he chooses that route after he retires.

Tamayo’s thoughts seem to be as much marketing speil as analysis.

— Finally, Jens Voigt discusses L-B-L.

Sorry, no embed code for the video.


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