Ride the Puddles

Shave the (Dorky) ‘Burns

Posted by bikezilla on April 21, 2011

Here’s our big chance to get Garmin Cervelo’s Jonathan Vaughters to shave his dorky sideburns!

All we have to do is get all of his Twitter “followers” to donate at least $1, or help him raise at least $20,000 to help support Slipstream Sports’ Chipotle U23 developmental squad.

100% of donations (after what PayPal steals) will go toward providing airfare, lodging and food for the U23 team.

I donated a fiver.

Here are other reasons to support them:

If you don’t donate, the terrorists win.

It’s for the children (typing that one made me puke in my mouth a little).

You’ll be making the world a more aesthetically pleasing place.

Fewer babies will cry.

JV’s son will be less severely emotionally scarred.

Your ex will be pissed off that you had an “extra $” and they didn’t manage to suck it out of your bank account before you spent it.

JV’s wife will thank you.

Every $ you put in is a $ JV’s wife doesn’t have to cough up.

You get to support the sport you love at a grassroots level in a truly meaningful way.


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