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Lance Armstrong Interviewed by Evan Smith on TribLive

Posted by bikezilla on April 21, 2011

Lance Armstrong recently went on the Texas Tribune’s “TribLive” with Evan Smith. Below is the You Tube video for the first portion of that interview.

Here is a semi-transcript of the full interview.

Here is a primer on body language.

touching nose, while speaking — hands / nose — lying or exaggeration — This is said to hide the reddening of the nose caused by increased blood flow. Can also indicate mild embellishment or fabrication. The children’s story about Pinocchio (the wooden puppet boy whose nose grew when he told lies) reflects long-standing associations between the nose and telling lies.

The first time Lance makes this gesture indicating his dishonesty is when he’s wondering about questions during a post-race press conference for a runner of the Boston Marathon (Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya set the new record of 2:03:02).

The post-race interview is a situation that Armstrong has been in many times. Was the indication of embellishment linked to memories of his own press conferences and questions about doping?

looking right and up eyes — visual imagining, fabrication, lying — Related to imagination and creative (right-side) parts of the brain, this upwards right eye-movement can be a warning sign of fabrication if a person is supposed to be recalling and stating facts.

Lance did this when being asked about the status and reality of the FDA investigation against him, specifically if there’d been a letter informing him that he is in fact the “target” of a federal investigation.

looking left down — eyes — self-talking, rationalizing — Thinking things through by self-talk – concerning an outward view, rather than the inward feelings view indicated by downward right looking.

Lance does this when he’s telling us that “I think we know who’s leaking.” And of course he’s accused Jeff Novitsky of leaking.

What exactly is he convincing himself of, here?

— A lot of people are saying that interview was full of “softball questions”, but I disagree. It didn’t even reach that level, because it was set up from start to finish.

Evan Smith makes Bill Strickland and John Wilcockson look like Lance bashers.

Here’s my bet on the “interview”: Smith fed Lance the topic list ahead of time, then Lance got back to him with a list of no-nos and must-haves and things like the “target letter” were discussed.

Lance pretty much got to dictate the interview.

Then Smith stroked Lance’s lone testicle with comments about the building with Lance’s name on it and “the “F” in FDA doesn’t mean France?”.

It wasn’t an interview at all. Smith went in with the intent of sympathizing with Lance Armstrong, having already decided what story he was going to tell, what answers he needed to sell his angle and how best to ingratiate himself to Armstrong.

Another “real journalist” terrified of Lance and willing to kick his grandmother in front of a speeding semi if it means making Lance happy. Smith plopped himself at Armstrong’s feet, wagging his tail and drooling, hoping that Armstrong would find him worthy of a pat on the head and maybe a scratch behind the ear.

You’d be wrong to call this a “fluff” piece. It was less than that. It was straight-up PR work, with no intention beyond that of portraying Lance Armstrong in the most positive light.


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