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Posted by bikezilla on April 5, 2011

— Ya know how womens cycling is grossly under promoted and under recognized?

Well the Sea Otter Classic decided to work toward changing that and came up with an incredibly cool idea for a Ladies Day.

. . . a series of activities, free to ladies, with the aim to promote women’s and girls’ involvement in the sport. Those activities included a ladies-only road ride, a mountain bike skills clinic, women’s bike fit seminar, bike maintenance and cleaning seminar, nutrition seminar, women by design panel session, wine and chocolate reception and a raffle drawing..

Guys had to pay a whopping $10. To my mind $10 is still an insanely great bargain for all of that.

But Harry “Flaming Douchebag” Crouch, President of the National Coalition for Men, intended a class action lawsuit to put an end to it.

Harry felt slighted that he should have to pay $10.

Reading the linked article, and looking over the linked NCFM website, Flaming Douchebag seems not so much for men as he seems against women. There’s a word for that, isn’t there?

I’m sorry. I was waaaaaaaaaaaay out of line with the “Flaming Douchebag” thing.

Clearly I should have said, “Alleged Flaming Douchebag”.

I’d have to bet that Mr (alleged) Flaming Douchebag was a Little Rascals fan. Which makes me wonder, why didn’t he just call his lil coalition The Heman Woman Haters Club?

How should cyclists pass other wheeled traffic?

Remember, this is a UK article, so those of us in the U.S. will have to reverse some of the advice.

— Here’s a great post-Flanders interview with Jonathan Vaughters.

It’ll answer a lot of your questions about why he told Tyler not to help with the chase.

You can hear and see the frustration and disappointment about the teams’ conditioning to this point in the season.

If you (you being both the fans and Vaughters) want a team to ride clean, then don’t flay them for falling victim to their human and realistic limitations.

And I wonder if Vaughters’ comments carry over to the other teams?

Did we see a complete lack of any effort by the sprinters’ teams to form up, close the gap and fight it out from a bunch sprint because they’d ALL been stripped to bare bones? Was there simply no one left to carry on the fight, right across the board?


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