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Posted by bikezilla on March 31, 2011

While checking my referral log I came across This forum with a discussion about people’s favorite cycling blogs.

I’m just going over them myself, but I thought I’d share them with you, along with a few comments, and I’m marking my favs with an asterisk.

Ubiquitous Blog: Bike Travel, Activism.

It’s everywhere.

A View from the Cycling Path . . .: Bike Travel, Activism.

Candy Cranks: Touring, Personal Cycling Musings

“Candy Cranks is a collaboration of female riders from around the globe giving insight to bike culture in their home cities.”

The Laborator: Artistic Bike Building, Mutant Bikes

Fakengers: Couriers, Fixies

The Secret Cyclist: Activism

CycleSeven: Bike Gear

On Your Bike: Bike Travel, Ride Journal

39 Stone Cyclist: Ride Journal, Personal Journal, Weight Loss

My Sunday Rides: Ride Journal

Toe Clips: Ride Journal

Crap Cycling & Walking in Waltham Forest: Activism, Humor

The Lo Fidelity Bicycle Club: Activism, Humor

* EcoVelo: Touring, Commuting, Ride Journal.

Some really gorgeous bike photography.

* The Grumpy Cyclist: Humor, Ride Journal, Activism

*London Cycle Chic: Bike Porn, Humor

Yay, cute girls on bikes. Mostly.

Copenhagenize: Bike Culture

*Wallis on Wheels: Travel

Eye opening.

*101 Wankers: Humor, Ride Journal

Kennington People on Bikes: Activism, Cycling Culture

Cycling Info: Cycling Culture

Bristol Traffic: Activism

Quadracycling: Alternate Cycling, Cycling Culture, Ride Journal

I bet most of you never even heard of these things.

The Catrike Diaries: Alternate Cycling, Cycling Culture, Ride Journal

While Out Riding: Travel, Activism

If you have others that you follow, add them to the comments of this post.

Don’t be a pud and pimp your on shiite.


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