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Don’t Trust Pat McQuaid and, Oh Yeah, the Plasticizer Thing

Posted by bikezilla on March 28, 2011

As part of my ongoing mission to see Pat McQuaid ousted from his presidency at UCI, I would like to state in a very fair, balanced and objective way, that Pat “Dick” McQuaid is a slimy, filthy weasel and a no good, dirty, rotten, lying liar.

And he probably kicks sweet lil puppy dogs, too.

HERE is even more evidence supporting obvious UCI corruption and the need for the national cycling federations to band together in voting McQuaid out of power when his current term expires (sooner if there’s a “recall” provision).

That link (which you really should spend a few minutes reading, especially since I won’t be summarizing it) is a VeloNation interview with German reporter, Hajo Seppelt.

Seppelt is the guy who forced UCI’s hand in finally announcing that Alberto Contador had tested positive for clenbuterol during the 2010 Tour de France.

He didn’t mean to force the announcement, and so comes away seeming naive. But you can’t fault him for a lack of patience nor for failing to be thorough.

Here is a gorgeous example of typical Pat “Dick” McQuaid:

Seppelt says:

“I was at the sports conference this month in London. Mr McQuaid was there and there was a small press conference after his speech. We had our camera with us and the camera was running. We asked him why did he lie last September to us. He answered that he didn’t lie. My colleague told him that we have an email from him saying that he didn’t know anything about a positive test, that we can send it to him. In front of a rolling camera, he said no, he didn’t send an email. It was unbelievable.”

McQuaid sends an email, is offered the proof that he sent it, yet denies that it was ever sent.

And when there was such a simple answer that would have done just fine. He easily could have said, “I was not at liberty to be open about that case, because it had not yet been announced and our research was yet pending.”, or some such bureaucratic nonsense.

But instead he dives right into an obvious lie.

Referring back to the interview, what I really enjoyed seeing was how both Pat McQuaid and his lackey, Enrico Carpani, are both so stupidly arrogant and cavalier about talking shiite regarding how they trashed Seppelt’s story and how dumb he must be.

They know people are listening to their boasting, and they have to know that some of those people might talk about it.

First, it shows how the culture of lies and corruption are not only symptomatic of McQuaid, but spread outward and downward from him.

Second, it shows the mafioso mentality and culture of UCI and how McQuaid, Carpani and their fellows honestly believe themselves to be Made Men and untouchable. They can say anything they like, insult and disrespect anyone they like, manipulate and cover up anything they like, lie to anyone they like, about absolutely anything, and they have nothing to fear.

But the biggest red flag, the most telling sign of McQuaid’s corruption, is this:

“Two days later I interviewed Contador in Madrid and he confirmed on camera that the recommendation to use the Dutch guy [the scientist Dr Douwe de Boer, who vouched for food contamination as a source] came from the UCI.”

UCI itself found a Dr that would back up Alberto Contador’s claim of contamination via tainted meat and then sent Alberto to him.

Is this really the leadership that professional cycling wants to follow? Are these really the people professional cyclists and teams want representing them? Is the the face that professional cycling wants the world to see?

Pat McQuaid must be voted out of office, but not only him. Those who currently surround and support McQuaid must go, as well.

UCI’s corruption is systemic. It must be purged, top to bottom, inside and out.

— Remember how we heard that Alberto’s doping controls also detected plasticizer, but, oh crap, the same plasticizer is found in stuff like water bottles?

Well, the water bottle thing maybe doesn’t cut it when we know this little additional tidbit.

“Other values have appeared that are ten times over the higher value from so-called plasticizers [such as di-(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) – ed.], which are used in blood bags,” he said then. “These values were measured one day before the positive dope control. These blood bag softener values could indicate that autologous blood doping may have been performed.”

There are other sources for plasticizers in day-to-day life, although an increase in levels is felt by some experts as being worthy of scrutiny. Since then, there was little more said about the issue. Scientists are still working to validate a test for plasticizers;”

So it isn’t simply the presence of the plasticizers, but the concentration and the time at which the concentration spikes.

It makes a lot more sense to me, now.


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