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Posted by bikezilla on March 17, 2011

— At a recent big, important meeting (because that’s the only kind of meeting that big, important people have) UCI excluded AIGCP’s Jonathan Vaughters and CPA’s Gianni Bugno, because they won’t fall into lockstep with UCI.

I encourage you to read the comments below the linked article.

This is just one more reason that teams and riders need to formally unionize, so that they have the absolute right to speak and act on their own behalf.

The issue of fair representation, with the radio ban as its unfortunate focus, is swirling into an ugly, chaotic mess.

I’m sure that UCI president Pat “Dick” McQuaid sees this ever-increasing dysfunction as good for the sport. Undoubtedly he’s had meetings, the result of which fully supports this view.

My thanks to JV and Mr Bugno for not caving in to Pat McQuaid’s tantrum and for continuing to perform their appointed tasks as the representatives of teams and riders.

I do believe that things will eventually get where they need to be, but it’s not going to be easy or pleasant getting there. Pat McQuaid will see to that, and damn whatever fans that professional cycling my lose along the way.

Here’s another link with the best statement so far from AIGCP. Beautiful.

— I think that if there was a safe, reliable, easy to follow system of roads and trails linked around the entire U.S., that it’d be a huge tourist draw across the board.

And of course Illinois is NOT a part of the system. Biatches.

— Ooooooooooo, baby! NY Velocity has the full Lance Armstrong videotapes from his SCA testimony.

They don’t make you look so good, Lance ole boy.


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