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Posted by bikezilla on March 7, 2011

I have a couple big articles going right now.

— The first is an interview with Garmin – Cervelo’s Jonathan Vaughters. It focuses on doping and almost everything it covers has been asked or speculated on in Bikezilla previously.

How much will Jonathan answer truthfully and unambiguously? How much obliquely? How much not at all?

I can only say that there’s a lot of sensitive stuff in that interview, but that I expect a thorough mixture “no comment”, the oblique, and unambiguous truth.

It’s all in Jonathan’s hands, now, so you’ll have to wait with me for his responses.

— Next is an interview with Greg Lemond. As with the JV interview, this one is based on previous Bikezilla musings.

So, if you’re a regular reader of Bikezilla you already have a pretty good idea of the starting points for both interviews. If not, you can catch up pretty easily, because most of the relevant articles are fairly recent.

I’ll have something more general posted tonight, and I’ll get those interviews up as soon as I can.

Thanks for coming in.



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