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Posted by bikezilla on March 7, 2011

I have another collection of links I like, but nothing that compels me to write a full article on it. So . . .

— Team Type 1 gets snubbed by the Giro d’Italia.

But the Giro’s director, Angelo Zomegnan likes what he sees with the team and thinks that another year of maturity could earn them a spot in the race next year.


Yes, I did notice that five Italian teams made it in. Whatev.

Amber Meier, aka @MeierWife (Christian Meier’s wife), may be the hottest of the cycling GFs / wives. Maybe.

But, I think that Daniella Grace has overtaken her for second place in the race for coolest.

Daniella is Taylor Phinney’s gf.

#1 coolest, and still maybe the hottest, is Chiara Passerini Cadel Evans wife. Duh.

It’ll be incredibly tough to knock her out of the top spot.

Reader / follower @HDKnight / David Knight has clued me in to Mark Cavendish’s girlfriend, Peta Todd. She is smokin’ azz hot AND she did ride a bike to raise money for Help for Heroes, in support of British service veterans. She may not seem the innocently sweet and endlessly classy cool of Chiara or (seemingly) Daniella, but she rocks her own kind of cool.

Here are the links to H4H’s UK and U.S. sites.

Here’s a link to Peta Todd’s personal website. WARNING: It is NOT a work / family friendly site. In fact, after viewing it, I’m not sure the woman owns a top or shirt of any kind.

Sorry, Amber, but she’s bumped you back a spot in hotness.

And she’s on Twitter.

Podium Girl Jen? She’s Steven Cozza’s (Team NetApp) gf. Honorable Mention for coolness and hotness.

My thanks to Mr. Knight.

— Jonathan Vaughter’s has a great idea for individual teams to use independent drugs testing that utilizes ALL available anti-doping tests, not just those considered to be 100% accurate.

His idea is that if a rider fails one of these non-approved tests that a rider is then held out of competition until his blood values for the failed test normalize. There would be no risk nor even threat of full suspension, but drug testing could be more broadly and more effectively instituted.

At least that’s the theory.

If you’ll read this article (you’ll need to translate) you’ll see that Lowe’s hematocrit (red blood cell) level exceeded the 50% allowed by UCI and WADA in a quarterly check up.

When, exactly, did that occur? At the test carried out by Dr del Moral? Before? After?

Did it contribute to his remaining out of competition, in addition to or aside from Lowe’s issues with fatigue and low testosterone levels?

Did he transfuse blood in an effort to combat the fatigue? If so, who helped him? Was the team aware? How could a low level rider like Lowe have access to the people, equipment and funds needed to carry out his own doping program? How could JV and the team NOT know?

JV would like to the questions about Lowe to stop. I get it. I’m sick of hearing about it and writing about it. But how can this go away when things just seem to continue getting shadier?

Again, it’s sad that this question is raised only by foreign press and that the “real journalists” of cycling in places like America and Australia act like cops managing traffic at an accident in a bad comedy, “Nothing to see here. Move a long. Nothing to see here.”.

Who would have leaked this info about Lowe’s hematocrit level? Certainly Lowe wouldn’t rat himself out to the press for an abnormal hematocrit level. Is the information publicly available?

— Saxo Bank’s Bjarne Riis admits that he doped, that he, in fact, won the 1996 Tour de France doping.

His prodigy, Kim Anderson, the weasel who jumped ship to start the Luxembourg squad, Team Leopard Drek, failed as many as 7 doping controls.

With a history like that between Riis and Andersen, doesn’t it at least suggest that neither Saxo Bank nor Team Leopard Drek are any cleaner than Riccardo Ricco?

Cycling Tips, one of my favorite blogs, got a write up over at

Way cool.

Now I have to hate them.


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