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Did Greg LeMond Ride Clean?

Posted by bikezilla on March 3, 2011

Greg LeMond: The first American to win the Tour de France and he did it three times.

He’s generally considered the only “sure thing” as far as winners of the Tour de France winning clean.

But back on August 1st of 2007 a very angry Lance Armstrong fanboy, calling himself “Chapeau!” asked some very angry, very pointed questions of Greg Lemond via a cycling forum.

If you’ll take the time to go read, you’ll see that he clearly misrepresents a few things. But, overall, if you strip away the hysteria and the misrepresentations, he manages to get in a few very fair questions.

Some of those questions were answered during a July 1st, 2007 interview with Paul Kimmage (sorry, but the article seems to have vanished from The Sunday Times, so I’ve linked to a copied and pasted version on the same forum as the previous rant).

One thing I noticed in that article is that Kimmage, Mr Righteous Anti-Doping Crusader, removes the name of the Dr that Lemond was referred to for doping and replaced it with “[Dr X]”.

Isn’t it odd that Kimmage himself plays the enabling protector?

But onward.

Here’s a Radio Open Source Pod Cast that includes about a ten minute interview with Lemond. You’ll find him at around 25:23 minutes.

The story that made me wonder some deeper thoughts came from Greg’s official site,, from an article about a teammate dying as a result of doping.

Greg claims to have no knowledge of the problem existing either on the team or with his friend, until after the death.

But doping isn’t a one man show. Lots of people have to be involved. So I’d like to add that to the list of questions asked by “Chapeau!” on that forum. How could you, Greg, as the team’s top rider, be ignorant of such nefarious ongoings?

Then, LeMond questioned Alberto Contador’s performance up Verbier, calculating Alberto’s VO2 Max at 99.5.

Later, Alberto refused to answer questions about this, or about his actual VO2 Max. He would only say, “Next question”. To me that’s damned suspicious.

Beyond that, Greg is a damned intelligent guy who now does this stuff for a living. So if he says that Alberto’s VO2 Max was beyond what’s possible without doping, I believe it.

But, what I want to get at is this; LeMond tested at a VO2 Max of 92.5.

Did he test that high consistently? Is that achievable without the aid of transfusions or EPO? Is it in a grey area that might be considered possible but could also indicate EPO usage or transfusions?

I’m not accusing Greg LeMond of doping. I’m not even suggesting that he doped.

But, it’d be really nice to get a chance to ask him the questions raised by Lance fanboy “Chapeau!” and those others that I’ve been musing over.


2 Responses to “Did Greg LeMond Ride Clean?”

  1. Uomo Del Ghiaccio said

    I believe that there is no doubt that Greg Lemond is GUILTY of Doping.

    • bikezilla said

      I believe it’s possible. In my mind even likely. Here’s my reply to another comment along a similar line.

      I don’t think anyone with an ounce of intellectual integrity can fail to at least wonder if Greg doped. There may be a reasonable doubt as to whether or not, if he did dope, that he knew what was being pumped into him.

      Did he know he was being hit with doses of EPO? Did he honestly believe it was iron and vitamins? If he indeed was ignorant of what was really being done, was that ignorance willful?

      I had an interview set up with him a few years ago, but he ended up blowing me off. I’d have asked him about all of this. I think he knows that.

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