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Posted by bikezilla on February 28, 2011

I keep saving links for articles I want to read, and I keep getting further and further behind on my writing.

So here are a few I think you’ll benefit from, or at least enjoy.

— How does the geometry of your bike affect the way it handles?

Here’s another great article from Cycling Tips to help you figure that out.

When you start looking at bikes, going through the steps of sizing and fitting, you’ll want to have at least a basic understanding of this stuff. You’ll be a lot happier with the bike you choose.

Here are a couple of Bikezilla articles on bike fitting and sizing that might help you understand the above linked article better.

Bike Fit and Sizing: Road Bikes

Bike Fit and Sizing: CX and MTB

The difficulties of doping controls, and possible solutions, from The Science of Sport.

Jonathan Vaughters proposed a system internal to teams where ALL available drug tests are used, even those short of 100% reliability.

But for failures of the “unreliable” tests, riders are not suspended, but merely removed from competition until blood levels are normalized.

I’d suggest a similar program enacted by UCI, but with a standard 30 day removal prior to re-evaluation, even in the case of drugs that are out of one’s system in just a few days, with no possibility to stall via appeal.

Vaughters if freakin’ brilliant.

— Bike Radar found a blog for a local bike shop (LBS) that is easily the coolest use of a blog for marketing ever.

21st Avenue Bicycles, in Portland, Oregon

Here is their direct link.

— For those of you seeking uber cool professional cycling secrets, here’s why they sometimes ride the tips of their saddles.

— And one more from Cycling Tips.

Rain Riding.

Read on down to the comments for some interesting tips.


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