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Is AFLD Playing Obstructionist in Lance Armstrong Case?

Posted by bikezilla on February 25, 2011

In a recent LeMonde interview with Bruno Genevois, President of AFLD (That’s “LeMonde” as in the magazine, not “Lemond” as in the first American to ever win the Tour de France. A mistake yours truly made. DOH!), you’ll find the following:

LeMonde: “Another current case concerns a former Tour winner Lance Armstrong . End of 2010, the U.S. court has met with your predecessor. He pledged that the AFLD to produce to the urine samples of Tour 1999 to investigate the effect if they contained traces of erythropoietin (EPO). Did you?”

Genevois: “Every citizen must answer to justice when approached by her. I promise that in time the AFLD comply with the Convention on Mutual Assistance Franco-American. But for now, the procedure of international rogatory commission has only just begun.”

Is that an indication that AFLD is playing the role of obstructionist in the U.S. government’s case against Lance Armstrong?

Already it’s been months and still, according to Genevois, the process is “only just begun”.

Why does he say that “in time the AFLD (will) comply”?, rather than that the ARE complying, but that the process is lengthy, detailed and difficult (or some such)?

It almost seems like a typical case of the French going out of their way to stick a thumb in America’s eye for no reason other than spite.

Almost, and that may be an element, but what other reason might AFLD, not known for it’s integrity, have for stalling in giving Lance Armstrong’s 1999 samples over to the USFDA and Jeff Novitzky?

With UCI’s long suspected internal corruption at risk of being exposed as fact should Lance Armstrong go down in flames, is UCI applying pressure to AFLD to stall in the transfer of evidence, and maybe even “lose” some of it?

Has there already been another payment by Lance Armstrong to UCI as thanks for their support in this matter? Or would the danger of exposure be enough for Pat “Dick” McQuaid to approach AFLD to make a deal?

AFLD has been marginalized by UCI and ASO, and they were not allowed to test riders during last year’s Tour de France. Now AFLD struggles to regain UCI’s good graces so that they might no longer be marginalized, and regain the esteem and wealth associated with being responsible for running (or at least participating in) the doping controls at the world’s most prestigious cycling event.

Their hatred of America plus the manipulation by UCI is powerful motivation to obstruct the transfer of evidence.

I asked my Twitter followers their opinion on this:

SFC750 aka aka Massimo Jaboffo said:

” Not sure (yet)… might be too early to tell & all sorts of international law type ‘o stuff about evidence-procedure involved…”

I think the wording of Genevois’ statement makes that unlikely, but it’s a great point and still plausible.


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