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When Lance Armstrong Burns

Posted by bikezilla on February 23, 2011

Lance Armstrong soon will burn and his glorious screams will be heard throughout heaven and hell.

The feds know exactly how to prove to a conclusive legal standard, not merely a sporting standard, that Lance Armstrong doped: retest his samples.

They’ll start with his 1999 samples, because those have already shown that he’s used EPO. Then they’ll begin to methodically retest every sample they can get their slimy hands on.

Lance knows.

And Lance is powerless to stop it.

Lance’s minions think of him as their Christ.

Right now he’s in the gardens at Gethsemane. Soon he’ll be betrayed. Soon he’ll be denied.

Soon, those who once cried out to him with adoration will instead call out demanding his crucifixion.

Lance is not an honorable guy. He isn’t going to wait until the bitter end and go down fighting.

He’s gonna start maneuvering for the best possible outcome.

He’ll call Jeff Novitsky, secretly, and ask for immunity.

And be denied, because there is no bigger fish to fry. Not for Novitsky, at least.

So Lance will get desperate, finally realizing that the world he’s worked so feverishly to control, has become entirely uncontrollable.

Floyd Landis told us that Lance doesn’t have friends, because he distrusts everyone, must control everyone.

How long before that ring of friends / not friends begin slinking away from his side, hoping that if they walk into the light that they will not be consumed by the flames licking ever closer to Lance?

How long after that before they sing Lance’s dirge to the world, offering up the details of their saving grace, the true tale of Lance Armstrong and the frightening depths of his evil?

How long before Lance begins flinging those friends / not friends into the surrounding fire, hoping that his cooperation might yet earn him leniency?

How long before the inner circle begins to disintegrate? Before Johan Bruyneel and those who served Lance so faithfully at UCI are offered up as a sacrificial lambs? Before Bill Stapleton sees and understands the benefit of accepting the offered silver pieces in return for betraying Lance with a kiss? Before Jim Ochiwitz flees the crowd, denying thrice his discipleship?

How long before Jeff Novitsky personally drives the nails through Lance’s wrists and ankles?

Really, not very long. Once the 1999 samples are retested and again prove that Lance used EPO, and then the second round of retesting begins, things will crumble on Lance and Johan and Bill and Jim and Lance’s benefactors at UCI, at an ever increasing rate.

Lance, there is no longer any salvation for you.

And the world will rejoice as you burn.


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