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Jonathan Vaughters: Connecting the Dots

Posted by bikezilla on February 21, 2011

The Short:

Jonathan “The Poet” Vaughters feels wrongly and unfairly judged by “new media”. He also feels that they, and the average Joe on the streets, are unqualified to make such judgments.

This digs at The Poet’s emotions, often leaving him “infuriated, saddened and hurt”.

He believes that people who are not in-the-know improperly “connect the dots” regarding his history and his current situations and actions.

The Long:

I can believe all of that. As I’ve mentioned before, The Poet is a guy who is personally connected to his riders as human beings. He truly cares about them. A guy who can invest himself that way, and do it so openly, isn’t gonna be the kind of guy who has criticisms roll off of his back as if it were the protective shell of a tortoise. Criticisms, especially personal criticisms, cut a guy like that, they draw blood, they hurt. Sometimes they hurt a lot.

But Jonathan kind of buys some of that pain, kind of earns it via past and present actions and inactions, and through his refusal to openly address some crucial issues, issues that the “real journalists” of cycling lack the professionalism and courage to properly investigate.

For instance, very recently JV tweeted that he doesn’t ever read forums, save for one thread about a “leak” from Garmin.

So pointing that out as a source of pain comes across as disingenuous, at a minimum.

See, that’s the kind of thing that it’s reasonable to connect some dots on. It’s reasonable to look at those two bits of information and say, “Hmmmmm, they just don’t seem to add up”.

And there are lots of things, lots of times, when it’s reasonable to do that.

It’s reasonable to know that JV laughed about an improperly passed on story concerning Johan Bruyneel dumping a bag of Floyd Landis’ blood down a toilette as punishment for riding a time trial “too hard” and think, “Ok, JV is intimately aware that there IS doping in the peloton, and of specific individuals involved in that doping.”

It’s reasonable to say, “Ok, JV was on Lance Armstrong’s team in 1999, the same year as Lance Armstrong’s retested samples show EPO use.” and then think “It’s likely that JV was fully aware of the US Postal’s doping practices and that he continues to protect Lance, Johan Bruyneel, the UCI and the entire corrupt system from that time with his silence.”

It’s reasonable to note, though JV resents it, that the infamous Dr Luis Garcia del Moral served U.S. Postal during the 1999 season and then wonder, “Did the good Dr work his doping magic on Vaughters during that time?”

It’s reasonable to then say, “It’s possible that JV continues to protect Lance, Johan, Dr del Moral, UCI, etc, for any of several reasons: He’s still personally connected with the doping lifestyle; He’s unwilling to risk being exposed himself: He’s afraid of Lance Armstrong, like so many other people seem to be; . . .”

It’s reasonable to know that JV counseled Floyd Landis to “tell them it’s none of their business” should anyone ask him for names, dates, times and places where doping occurred, and then think, “Yes, it’s very possible that JV is covering things up himself.”

You might look at JV’s occasional excellence as a climber: He held the record for ascending Mount Ventoux until it was broken by Iban Mayo; Iban Mayo is a confirmed doper, failing a doping control for EPO.

Then it would be reasonable to think, “If only a guy pumped full of juice could touch JV’s record, then it seems reasonable that JV was likewise a consumer of EPO and maybe autologous blood transfusions.”

That becomes more reasonable when you take Vaughter’s confession into account.

It’s reasonable to say, “If JV knew about U.S. Postal’s doping, if he’s always protected Lance and continues to do so, if his own sporadically exceptional climbing performances indicate that he himself was likely guilty of doping, too, then maybe his whole “Team Clean” schtick is just that, a schtick, empty words, an attempt to pull the wool over our eyes.”

Continue to put your trust in “real journalists” Jonathan. They’re your best hope for keeping the past buried.

Or maybe you’d like to join in being reasonable with us, JV?

Why not just lay it all out on the table? Make a public statement regarding all of that, and do it without prevaricating and without ambiguity.

Shoot, write a book and get rich off of it if you want to.

I’ll give you a starter list of questions to address, since “real journalists” are too busy kissing your ass to present them:

— Were you aware of any U.S. Postal rider doping, at any time, for any reason, while you were a member of U.S. Postal or afterward?

— Did you ever witness, or were you ever aware of Lance Armstrong using performance enhancing drugs?

— Were you ever aware of Dr del Moral or any person or persons associated with him, helping any rider to dope, regardless of the extent of that aid?

— How were doping supplies obtained? From who? At what cost? How were they disposed of? Again, by who? How was all this paid for?? These apply not only on U.S. Postal, but to any team you were a part of on any level and while fulling any function, duty or office?

— What was Johan Bruyneel’s involvement with U.S. Postal’s doping program?

— Were you ever aware of UCI turning a blind eye to U.S. Postal’s doping, or to doping within the peloton in general?

— Were you ever aware of any rider on any team you rode for doping?

— Did you ever use performance enhancing drugs (I know you’ve admitted this, but you did it in a kind of left-handed way and only in the foreign press).

— Why have you not been as honorable and courageous in exposing doping within the peloton to the appropriate authorities as Xavier Tondo has been?

That’s an ok first round.

These are things that “real journalists” should be asking you, but won’t. Which is the reason for your adoration for cycling’s “real journalists”.

I don’t believe for a heartbeat that you posses the courage or principles to answer even these questions openly, truthfully and in a simple, straight-forward manner.

NOTE: But we’ll see. In a 23 Feb 11 Twitter discussion JV invited me to contact him formally for an interview. I submitted that request Saturday, 26 Feb 11. Now we’ll wait to see if I’ll be required to eat crow, or if I’m proven correct. I’m hoping to be proven wrong, and I’ve bought a large supply of condiments to make the crow more palatable. END NOTE

But I do believe it to be the only way that you’ll ever be rid of the horrible unfairness and injustice of “new media’s” poisonous and unfounded speculations.


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