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Alberto Contador and Riccardo Ricco: Two Peas in a Pod

Posted by bikezilla on February 15, 2011

Riccardo Ricco is still in the ICU, suffering heart and lung problems as a result of his botched transfusion, using blood that had sat in his fridge for nearly a month (per Floyd Landis’ instructions).

Alberto Contador thinks that he’s been saved from a ban from professional cycling and the loss of his ’10 Tour de France title, after the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC -his national federation) cleared him of any wrong doing.

We all know that the Alberto Contador soap opera isn’t over. In the end WADA will appeal the decision and CAS will toss him for 2 yrs and strip him of his title. No “maybes”.

If there is a Witch Hunter in cycling, it is WADA. WADA does not care about its own integrity. It cares only to exercise its power and to punish. It will stoop to any means at its disposal, honest or dishonest, to nail even an accidental offender to the cross (except in the case of UCI cover ups, which WADA must be complicit in).

CAS has a history of two things: utterly unqualified judges, and allowing no leniency or reprieve (regardless of facts or UCI and WADA errors) for those brought before it.

Add to that the fact that Alberto Contador has no exonerating evidence, only conjecture that he couldn’t possibly have doped intentionally, and there is no hope for our wee pistolero. Though it would seem that he has an excellent chance of riding the entire ’11 season prior to the hammer coming down.

The rules say zero tolerance for clenbuterol, and there will be none. There’s no wiggle room, short of a blatant show of superstar favoritism by UCI. They’d have to prove to the world that they’re every bit as corrupt, deviant, self-serving, untrustworthy and conflicted as we already believe they are.

Alberto had a shot at a one year suspension, but he walked away from it. WADA won’t be seeking a one year ban when they take Alberto before CAS, because there really is no evidence beyond his own word and speculation that his ingestion of clenbuterol was accidental.

Without that evidence, CAS has no grounds for reducing the ban to one year.

If you dope you know the possible risks, including the risk of serious organ damage and even death, and the potential to be caught and suspended along with the loss of certain of your victories. Knowing those odds, you go forward and you make an informed and active choice to gamble. If you lose your wager, then you shouldn’t be surprised that you have to honor your debt.


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