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Riccardo Riccò, Floyd Landis, and Auto-Tranfusions

Posted by bikezilla on February 10, 2011

In his interview with Paul Kimmage, Floyd Landis discussed storing his blood on ice in his fridge and giving himself transfusions.

Riccardo Ricco has confessed, then denied confessing, the same thing, after nearly killing himself by transfusing blood that had gone bad.

What does the trend in auto-transfusions mean?

Does it mean that transfusions are so common and so simple that riders routinely blow off using professional help and do the deed on their own, in the privacy of their own homes / rooms?

Or does it mean that guys like Landis and Ricco were on genuinely clean teams and were forced to do transfusions on the sly?

But who draws the blood from these guys prior to them transfusing it back into themselves?

Is THAT something they can handle on their own? It seems very unlikely.

Do they rely on professional medical help? If so, who? How is it arranged?

With over 400 riders just in the mens elite professional peloton, all spread out around the globe for various camps, races and personal reasons, it would seem to require a medical force of considerable size and diversity to keep up with it all.

How could such a massive workforce be kept under wraps without the collusion of teams and the UCI at a very minimum?

What about medical supplies? You can’t just walk into your friendly neighborhood Walgreen’s and buy a case of transfusion supplies.

Is this where guys like Dr del Moral come in? And even if del Moral is guilty of helping riders dope, he’s just one guy. No matter how successful his practice is, there’s just no way that he alone could meet the logistical demands.


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