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Jonathan Vaughters Brings Teams Together vs UCI

Posted by bikezilla on February 6, 2011

The start of the Challenge Mallora was delayed today as teams went head to head vs UCI in protest of UCI’s radio ban.

Jonathan Vaughters, as head of The International Association of Professional Cycling Teams (AIGCP), pulled teams together, using the radio ban not only as a protest for its own sake, but as a symbol of the overall unfairness within the sport and the way it is governed by the UCI and by race organizers.

Vaughters wants to use AIGCP to unite and organize teams, to usher in an era where teams have considerable control in the process of rules and regulations.

Previous race radio protests were nothing but spur of the moment rider tantrums. But today we saw the strong and explicit backing of teams and their management, as well as the body that is supposed to advocate on their behalf, AIGCP.

Today we saw the fulfillment of a promise made by AIGCP to UCI on January 17th, 2011, when Vaughters promised that AIGCP members would fight the ban throughout the season.

In response UCI took all their toys and went home.

They removed their judges from the race, effectively nullifying the entire day. Without the presence of UCI’s judges, no victory nor any points will be awarded. The day will not count for individual rankings, nor for team standings.

Is AIGCP prepared to escalate this confrontation if UCI continues to pull its judges from protested races? Will they back up their convictions with full team strikes?

And once teams are organized, protected and sharing power within the decision making process, who will organize and protect the riders? Who will see that they also share in the power and are not left at the mercies and good (or bad) graces of the new system?


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