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First Step Toward Ending UCI’s Corruption and Stranglehold on Power?

Posted by bikezilla on February 3, 2011

AEG and the Amgen EPO Tour of California have come up with a way to cut out the corruption of UCI in doping controls.

Simply cut out UCI!

Unfortunately, UCI remains in charge of managing any cases of positive results, so there’s still plenty of room for Pat “Dick” McQuaid earn a little cash on the side.

If you’ve read the Floyd Landis / Paul Kimmage Transcript then you’ll remember Floyd commenting on the USADA being, to his knowledge, uncorrupted.

I have to wonder at the timing and it makes me smile to think that this is a direct statement to and about UCI and their history of corruption, arrogance and unchecked power.

Travis Tygart, CEO of the USADA seemed to take a sweet lil potshot at McQuaid and the UCI:

“At this point, it’s frankly difficult to both promote and police your own sport. You’ve heard the expression ‘the fox guarding the henhouse’ over the years. There’s this natural tension when the sport attempts to police itself of enforcing firmly and fairly the rules versus the other interest which is to promote and raise revenue for the sport.”

Which would seem kind of stupid, unless Tygart sees a larger wave of change coming, which he already knows that McQuaid and UCI are powerless to stop.

What’s going on behind the scenes that could have convinced McQuaid and UCI to give up such a significant chunk of power and such a ready source of tax free cash? You know they didn’t give it up lightly or easily.

There had to be something over their heads and I’m betting that somehow it’s linked to the investigation vs Lance Armstrong and the accusations leveled by Floyd Landis.

And while I agree that any rider should be allowed to compete until he’s been proven guilty through the full legal process, it makes me worry that USADA perhaps isn’t so uncorrupt nor incorruptible.

It seems obvious that this change of policy was designed to allow Lance Armstrong the opportunity to race in the Tour of California. Has Lance’s power and corruption found their way into the halls of the USADA?

Remember it was the USADA who suggested this rule change, not AEG or Amgen.

So is this the beginning of something good and right? Or are we simply exchanging one devil for another?


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