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Alberto Contador: Dope Fiend?

Posted by bikezilla on January 30, 2011

Here’s the VeloNews story on Alberto Contador’s doping timeline.

Go ahead, look.

To put it simply, there has not been a single year since Alberto turned pro that he has not had a brush with or been associated with doping. Not one.

A lot of people ridicule Greg Lemond for his high profile stance vs doping at the highest levels of professional cycling. The problem is that he has a gift for being right.

So when he analyzes Alberto’s 2009 climb up Verbier and says that Bert’s VO2 Max would have to be superhuman, and then Alberto refuses to touch any question regarding the climb or his VO2 Max, I kind of have to pay attention.

Alberto Contador, I don’t think you’re really such a good guy. I think you’ve been a doper since day one and that you’ve had a lot of people, including Pat “Dick” McQuaid and his merry band of doping enablers at UCI, fudging things in your favor for way too long.

Yeah, absolutely, getting busted for an almost immeasurably small amount of clenbuterol bites. Maybe you even did get screwed by ingesting tainted meat. I’ll even agree that there should be thresholds and that the system is in desperate need of overhaul.

But, dude, you look and sound way too much like a duck for me to say, “nope, porcupine”.

If you’re the best we can do for a champion of the Tour de France, then cycling is in a world of hurt.

And Andy Schleck, what are the chances that the only guy who can hang with Alberto over the past two TdFs is any cleaner than he is?

I’d say they’re pretty damned close to nothing.

No, no, let me say it for you, “I’ve never failed a doping control in or out of competition”.

And since UCI makes a point of not testing the most suspicious high profile riders, it looks like you’ll get to keep claiming that.


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  1. Ed said

    love it

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