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Garmin-Cervelo Cans Matt White Nearly Two Years After “Mistake”: Part 2

Posted by bikezilla on January 28, 2011

Jonathan “The Poet” Vaughters has again changed his story on why Trent Lowe went see the nefarious Dr del Moral.

This time it was no big deal. Just a routine check up that could have been preformed at any clinic.

The bills came in on Dr del Moral’s letterhead, but Jonathan, a man known for his attention to detail and his involvement with his team on every level, simply failed to notice the letterhead itself or the name of the doctor on the letterhead. It’s a detail typically beneath his or anyone’s notice, or so he claims now. In fact, he insists that no one in the entire organization would ever, ever, ever, evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvverrrrrrrrrrrr notice such a silly detail. It’s all about the facts of the letter’s content. Who the letter and the bill are from is of no concern.

Which makes me ask again, Matt White was fired, why?

And, oh yea, Why wasn’t Trent Lowe paid his December ’10 salary?

Remember how The Poet isn’t just the guy writing the checks? How he actually and honestly gives a shiite about his riders and staff on a purely human level?

Well, apparently when they get a little sneaky and run off to their “new” team’s camp (which is standard practice and not generally frowned upon), but fail to give him the courtesy of informing him in advance and obtaining his written permission to attend, that feels a little like a slap in the face to him. It hurts him in a very personal way.

So was there a bit of vendetta in his handling of the Lowe situation? Yes. Is it understandable, based on the kind of person Vaughter’s is and his connection to his team in a personal way? Absolutely.

Trent Lowe, I guess I can see why you felt a need to play tough guy and threaten to send your Uncle Guido after The Poet. But blackmail is still blackmail and extortion is still extortion, and you deserve any legal problems that come your way as a result of all this.

But, Jonathan, you’re still acting like a freakin’ weasel, changing your story again and again. And it’s clear that you had knowledge of the entire del Moral thing well in advance of the Matt White firing and the Trent Lowe incident.

That calls into question your real commitment to run “The Clean Team”, to honestly fight the good fight vs doping within your team and within cycling.

We don’t forget your time with Lance Armstrong, nor your gifts as a climber during that time, nor your own connections to Dr del Moral.

Eventually the facts will come out. It’d be so much cooler if they came from you, rather than from some sniveling disgruntled former staff member looking for his fifteen minutes.


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