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Lance Armstrong: He’s Earned More Than Bad Press: Part 2

Posted by bikezilla on January 26, 2011

Part 1, Part 2



Interest in the original article has jumped a thousand fold lately, so here’s a little follow up for those interested.

I’ve always wondered just how the heck Lance managed the manipulation through Google.

It turns out that Lance actually has a close friend inside the organization. I’ll leave this particular item there for now.

It seems that Google, while adamantly denying any such practice, actually has a habit of biasing search results and if you’ll read through that Cycling News Forums thread I think you’ll find some of the information extremely interesting.

Do you think it’s only me? Only my sorry azz pipsqueak of a blog that Google is sabotaging in its effort to protect Lance Armstrong?

But no.

The recent Sports Illustrated article “The Case Against Lance Armstrong”, which was shortened by 5,000 words after weeks of badgering, bullying and threats by Lance Armstrong and his lawyers, couldn’t be found anywhere on Google News when it was released. It’s still getting minimal attention in searches on Google.

It seems that Google has made a habit of protecting Lance Armstrong and his wrong doing.

Here’s an odd fact that I’ve never mentioned on Bikezilla before.

Since the time when Capital Sports & Entertainment (Lance Armstrong’s management agency in his hometown of Austin Texas) came in and POOF just like that I went from getting hundreds of hits via Google to none or nearly none, I’ve seen an average of 5 visits per day from and, often with multiple page views per visit.

Now the funny thing with that is, the way my stats work you have to either physically click on the page or you have to reload the page in order for a new page view to be registered. Bots don’t need to click or reload.

So, that can only mean that a real live person from Google has been very seriously, and very heavily, monitoring Bikezilla.

Why would that be? Why does a pissant little blog like this warrant that kind of attention from the biggest and busiest search engine in the world, yet at the same time barely register on relevant searches performed through them?


I have a poll up on (blogspot / blogger is owned by Google). It’s a tongue in cheek poll about who my readers hate. It comes out heavily against Lance Armstrong.

At least 20 responses were entirely eliminated tonight (27 Jan 11). BAM, just like that. Sadly for Lance, it only reduced his “hate rating” from 64% to 62$.

Don’t be surprised if Bikezilla on Blogspot is soon shut down by Google.

Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to find me on WordPress.


A couple of interesting things have happened since last evening when I made the first update.

1. When I woke up this morning the 20 votes had been reinstated, kind of.

The problem is that the “Lance Armstrong” portion of each vote had been removed (remember, you can pick multiple answers in this poll), which skewed the poll down to a 58% Lance Armstrong hate factor.

I find this a little crazy. Are Lance Armstrong and his army of minions really so entirely consumed with allowing not a single negative word or thought about him to pass into the mortal realm, that they not only can’t abide a blog with a few to a few hundred hits per day to go unpunished for speaking unholy truths against him, but they can’t even abide a clearly humorous poll that includes the poll’s author as a co-object of scorn? Really?

I’d call that “childish”, but that brushes the entire thing off to simple immaturity and ignores the utter malice behind it all.

2. Since going public and sending emails to Google about what’s been going on, the hits from and (which all originated from Mountain View, CA, according to the stat log) have all mysteriously (or not so mysteriously) dried up.

They dropped to only 3 in the following 24 hours of my email to Google. Yesterday there was only one. Today, at least so far, zero.

And they’ve all been for just a single page view.

Does Google have and use non-dedicated IPs that they surf the web with? I have no idea. I can only say that the hits from their dedicated IPs have vanished (at least for now).

3. Since this has started to break loose, Bikezilla on WordPress has been seeing an increasing number of related searches bringing visitors in.

“Lance Armstrong blog Google”

“Bad Press 2011”

“Armstrong Bikezilla”

“Bad Side of Lance Armstrong”

“Lance Armstrong What’s He Done Bad”

Have all brought people in.

During the same period not a single like search term has brought anyone in to the Google owned and controlled Blospot / Blogger version of Bikezilla (which is the original site).

4. Time to reveal Lance Armstrong’s associate within Google (which is not to say that it is Lance’s only associate within Google).

Drum-roll, please.

Ladies and gentleman, I would like to introduce to you, former Lance Armstrong teammate and current Google employee, Mr Dylan Casey.

For now your simple introduction will have to be enough. I’ll be doing a longer profile on Dylan in the coming weeks.


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