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UCI Supersedes Any Legal Process

Posted by bikezilla on January 16, 2011

UCI’s Peder Pedersen has passed down UCI’s judgement on Alberto Contador.

He is guilty and he will serve a two year ban.

UCI, void of even rudimentary checks and balances, is impudent in its use of power.

It openly declares, even before its fascicle “legal” proceedings have been allowed to run their course, what the verdict WILL be. Not what it may be, nor what it should be, but what it WILL be.

This is not a matter of whether or not one rider is actually guilty or innocent. It’s a matter of UCI unjustly wielding unfettered power and it’s malicious and irresponsible abuse of the control that it possesses over all riders and teams.

Riders and teams must organize and they must be willing to back that up with “strikes” against UCI and various race organizers ::coughASOcough::.

Until they have the guts to do that, nothing will change.

So far they’ve proven too gutless to do anything more than cry, piss and moan. I suppose in that sense they’re only getting what they deserve.


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