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Gianni Bugno and Organizing Professional Cycling

Posted by bikezilla on January 4, 2011

FINALLY someone tries to organize professional cyclists and advocate for them vs UCI.

Never heard of this Gianni Bugno guy before, but I love him already.

Professional cyclists NEED to be organized, but it sounds like they’re kind of limp-wristed about the effort. Kind of makes it look like they’re getting what they deserve every time UCI or race organizers butt rape them.

If they aren’t willing to fight for themselves, it makes it impossible for anyone to fight effectively for them. So I feel kind of sorry for Bugno. He seems destined to spin his wheels quite energetically, but make no serious progress.

UCI’s system of testing and enforcement is arbitrary, unpredictable, and often unfair. It needs to be changed.

Riders have a willing champion in Gianni Bugno, but they need to get in lockstep behind him if they want things to become more favorable for them.

And we haven’t even touched on the need for rider safety issues to be addressed!


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