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Posted by bikezilla on January 2, 2011

Since my first snow ride last week (or was it the week before) I’m actually excited about cold weather riding.

I was up for another today (sans snow after two days of rain and higher temps) and I was totally cool with the 26F temp. But the matching 26 MPH winds? Thankee, but no. I sissied out and set my sights on tomorrow.

But since today is Tuesday it doesn’t matter in the least (totally gratuitous and pointless, except to me, Willy Wonka quote).

For those of you who want to start snow riding, but can’t afford to change your tires to something with a more appropriate tread, here’s a simple but brilliant solution: zip ties!

Love it.

— The great Eddie Merckx has a man crush on Phillipe Gilbert, and says, “liar, liar pants on fire” to Alberto Contador.

Is it just me or does Richie Porte whine (ha, port wine, I made a funny) just the way Cav does??

He had a good season, sure, but hardly one for the record books. If that’s the best he could come up with, being pumped full of EPO and such, he might oughta quit.

Hence, I say he’s clean.

Johan Bruyneel gets told to piss off by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

His two months suspension and 10,000 Swiss franc fine is barely a slap on the wrist for him. But his guys are each fined 2,500 Swiss francs.

Ouch, and ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! They all thought they were being slick with that post stage jersey switch. How you like dem apples, boys?

Garmin – Cervelo (mostly) abandons their gay-ass argyle kit.

Thank you, God!

— I still wonder, did Riis increase of the Schlecks, Jens Voigt and Fabian Cancellara’s success? Or was it the other way around?

Who needed who more?

Over the next few years we’ll figure that out.

My money is on (former doping sucking, TdF winning scumbag, but now upstanding world citizen) Riis.

— And finally, another bike related music video.


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