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Posted by bikezilla on December 27, 2010

— How do you safely integrate bicycle and automobile traffic?

You make bicycle traffic a primary or dedicated focus of a system of roadways, removing auto drivers biggest claim to road ownership (that roads were created for them).

I guess it isn’t all that hard when you actually give a shiite.

The pros and cons of tubeless tires.

Snow biking with a real snowbike..

Oh the joys of having money falling out yer arse.

— Next time you want to whine about how you’ve suffered cycling shut the fook up.

THAT guy is freakin’ Bikezilla.

A radio interview with Rebecca Rusch

Love her. Not only does she get more amazing as she gets older (if you can believe it she’s 42 now), but I wish more riders were so involved with their fans and with support of their sponsors.

She’s cute, cool and tough as freakin’ hell.

Jonathan Vaughters says Garmin’s 2011 goal is to be the #1 team in the world.

— And another bike related music video.


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