Ride the Puddles

Ride Journal: Snow

Posted by bikezilla on December 24, 2010

Went out to Argonne today and rode about eight miles on the Waterfall Glen trail.

There was 2 -4 inches of snow already on the trail and it started to snow just before I left to ride.

Holy crap was it hard!

First, as I mentioned earlier, I really should have picked up a set of tires with heavy tread and replaced the slick-centered tires I keep on my mountain bike for railtrail riding during warm weather. But no.

I was lazy all week, so today I had to suffer.

I ended up letting most of the air out of both tires, but even with that there were times I couldn’t keep my back wheel from spinning without traction.

I involuntarily made snowangels four times and three of those times were entirely due to having the wrong tires on my bike.


It’s been forever since I rode in snow and I’d forgotten how brutally tough it is. It took 100% of my concentration to keep my bike up and moving forward.

But I can see how snow riding will make me a much better bike handler while also evening out my pedal-stroke.

And no matter how damned hard it is, it’s at least 1,000 times more fun than riding on the trainer.

I had planned on riding again tomorrow, but my legs will need a recovery day. So I’m aiming at Sunday and hoping to get out to pick up some more appropriate tires ahead of my ride.

Here’s a piture of Jen from our ride today:
Jen during one of our rest stops today out at Waterfall Glen.


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