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For Beginning Cycling Fans: Robbie McEwen, Robbie Hunter and Their Journey From Pegasus to RadioSkank

Posted by bikezilla on December 24, 2010

After reading my last article, “Even More Thoughts on Stuff” someone who doesn’t typically follow cycling said, “Who are these guys and why should I care?”.

So here’s the basics on Robbie “Head-Butt” McEwen and Robbie Hunter, or “The Robbies” and their journey from Pegasus Sports to Team RadioSkank.

If I’m missing something on this one, any of you with a stronger knowledge of cycling history feel free to correct me.

Professional cyclists are unofficially divided into “types”: Sprinters, climbers, overall (GC, General Classification) and support (domestique).

McEwen, in his youth, was the baddest ass sprinter ever and he was a wicked, wicked rider. He had a penchant for head-butting opponents, and that was just one weapon in his arsenal of underhanded and outright mean tactics. On top of the nastiness he was just plain fast. Possibly the best of his time and he still has no quit in him. The man is a beast.

As a sprinter he’s still pretty good, but age and a really nasty injury two years ago have stolen something from him and he’s dropped to the second tear of top sprinters. Still damned impressive at 38 years old.

He’ll still finish top 4 or 5 in most sprints vs the true elites.

He’s also mellowed. A lot. He isn’t as fast and he’s also not as psycho.

Robbie Hunter was never better than a second tier guy. All his victories are in sprints, but almost all are in lesser races vs second and third tier sprinters or non-sprinters.

RadioShack (RadioSkank) is Lance Armstrong’s team. Any team associated with Lance has . . . issues. One of those issues is that the guys on the team are picked for their literal slavish devotion to Lance. This has actually been openly and publicly stated by the team.

Another issue is that not one of Lance’s teams, EVER, has supported sprinting, because sprinting isn’t Lance’s gig and if it isn’t Lance’s gig who gives a shiite about it. None of his teams has even ever had a top sprinter.

So, for a pair of guys who are considered or who consider themselves to be sprinters, RadioSkank is not a logical nor a productive choice. It’s a desperate choice and no flowery words nor hopeful phrases will change that.

But the Robbies’ old team (Pegasus) never really got off the ground and they (the Robbies) were stuck with a choice of 1. Riding at a basically amateur level when they’ve spent their careers riding at the elite level. 2. Not riding at all because at this point in the off season finding another team approaches becoming impossible 3. Riding for the first guy with a first division team who offers to take you in, because chances are that he’s gonna be the only guy making an offer.


2 Responses to “For Beginning Cycling Fans: Robbie McEwen, Robbie Hunter and Their Journey From Pegasus to RadioSkank”

  1. hi my name is Emma and I watched home and away and im a huge fan of you

    • bikezilla said


      Thank you for coming in, for reading and for taking the time to comment.

      I’m very happy that you’re a fan. But home and away? Sorry, I don’t understand the reference.

      Would you explain it for me?

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