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Posted by bikezilla on December 21, 2010

Chris White of Pegasus Sports isn’t just being hardheaded, he’s being smart.

If he can keep the team running this year and have some success at the Continental level, then he can remove some doubts about the stability of Pegasus and improve his chances of gaining bigger sponsors and of moving up to ProContinental.

With the likelihood of finding a spot on other teams really slim for most Pegasus riders and staff for the 2011 season, they’d seem to have some motivation to stick with the team even as a Continental squad. If they do, they should tear things up at that level and not have any problem impressing sponsors and UCI in order to get into position to move up for 2012.

My fingers are crossed for you, Chris.

Christian Meier took some questions from Twitter geeks.

Christian, like Cadel Evans, also has a way cool cycling wife. She’s no Chiara, who’s still the coolest cycling wife / gf ever, but who is.

— I’m still bummed that Ben King (yes, the American one) will be riding for RadioSkank.

But I’m stoked about finally seeing he and Taylor Phinney (BMC) race as pros at the elite level.

Spokesman webcasts. Love’em, despite being a little too chatty and rambling.

Here’s a link to some winter cycling tips

I’ve noticed a lot more people out on their bikes, even in the nastiest cold weather this year.

I really need to swap the tires on my MTB for something with better tread, but I probably won’t and I’ll probably end up wishing I had.

— And, oh yeah, another bike related music video.
The Smiths – Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
Uploaded by Warner-Music. – Explore more music videos.


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