Ride the Puddles

Ride Journal: Ouch

Posted by bikezilla on December 20, 2010

For several reasons, most of them entirely lame, I’ve hardly touched either of my bikes since September.

Today I got on the trainer for first significant ride this winter.

Twenty miles, 50 minutes, which of course means jack squat except as a contribution to wintertime base miles.

Most of the ride was at 46/12 and around 90 rpms. I put in two efforts of about 3 minutes at around 130 rpms and two more of about 5 minutes around 110 rpms.

For most of those pushes I felt like my legs, lungs and heart must surely be full of sand, and here it is, ten minutes later, and I’m still breathing a little hard.

It’s not at all amazing that I’ve lost so much of my strength and conditioning after so many months of little activity. And, yet, I’m still amazed.

Silly Bikezilla.


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