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Posted by bikezilla on December 16, 2010

Another UCI power play.

I’m obviously missing something in that article, because it seems like this new “program” amounts to, “Ok, you guys give us some money and we’ll give you some stickers, which we’ll totally trust you to only put on equipment that we’ve approved, so there won’t be any need for all that pesky checking at inconvenient times like right before races.”.

Biopassports for bike equipment?

I think it’s just one more way for UCI to stick its unwelcome and unneeded nose further into places it has no business being.

Their fookin’ rules are arbitrary, created and enforced on a whim, and what say do the people and groups that their rules actually affect have? NONE!

They can’t be voted out of office, they can’t be fired by the people and groups they claim to represent. They do what they want, when they want, where they want, to who and what they want and they can do it all in any manner they wish, with no risk of repercussions.

— UCI lives in a world with no official, and very few unofficial, checks and balances.

They throw their weight in any direction, or nearly any direction, and people jump to get out of the way.

They bully riders, who are unorganized, they bully teams, which are also unrepresented by any organization, they bully race owners / organizers, who as a group also lack a backing organization, and now they intensify their bullying of manufacturers.

The really annoying thing is that manufacturers HAVE organized and are represented by World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry.

Unfortunately, the WFSGI is a paper tiger. It stands before King McQuaid, after many months of begging for an audience, trembling and stuttering, shifting nervously from foot to foot and hoping that he and the Kingdom of UCI will simply allow them to continue their pathetic existence.

They posses the muscle and influence of an entire industry, yet quake before the poxy whore McQuaid, never understanding that he merely feigns royalty, with his smear of clown-red lipstick, his threadbare wig and his mangled tin crown.

“Pathetic” is too gentle a word.

— ASO has no liking or even respect for McQuaid. They pretend to adore him because for the moment he is their lapdog.

ASO alone recognizes McQuaid for the powerless charlatan that he really is. Only ASO as smashed McQuaid’s nose into his own stinking pile of dung and forced him to breathe deeply.

If owners / organizers of the Giro and the Vuelta would join together against UCI they could do the same.

Please, God, let them have the courage.

If they do, maybe riders and teams and a broader groups of race owners / organizers will finally find the spine to band together and man up and stop quelling before the toothless lion that is Pat McQuaid and the UCI.

— And, oh by the way, I’m not the only one whining fruitlessly, powerlessly and with self-righteous indignation over this.

But just let me add, “Yeah, what she said!”.

This is how you take a “casual” ride with your gf without you feeling like you’re going so slow that you’re about to topple over and her feeling like you’re abandoning her because you’re riding too far ahead.

Tour Down Under organizers are tantrum-throwing bullies.

They refuse to allow riders in their race to participate in any other Australian races.

They build themselves up at the expense of Australia’s national cycling prestige and future. They weaken the country for the sake of their own interest. It’s disgusting.

If UCI really gives a shiite about the global growth of cycling and its future, they’ll step in and speak up publicly and without equivocation.

— Lance Armstrong? Self-absorbed, egomaniacal scum to rival Hitler. But ASO should like him a hell of a lot more than they do.

He’s the goose that laid their golden mofo egg.

— Correction. What Pat McQuaid means is EPO suspensions for nobodies should be four years. The Bigs have nothing to worry about, because if there’s so much as a suspicion that they’ve doped, UCI will make sure they aren’t even tested.

— Scum-sucking billionaire jerk, George Gillett Jr and his attempt to humiliate and destroy Australia’s national Pegasus Sports cycling team seem to have failed.

YAAAAAAAAAAAY! for the team and the 50 – 80 people who won’t lose their jobs.

But is sounds like the team is down to bare bones. It should be a real joy to ride for these guys this season.

— Women’s cycling is an amazing sport. Some elite women, I think, could not only push the envelope but tear it wide open and ride with the men. Measuring power by watts/kg some elite women actually outperform men.

Not to mention that the women are generally a hell of a lot sweeter to look at, even in team kits, than the men.

Yet the funding, coverage and opportunities for female racers and their teams SUCKS!.

It’s bullshiite.

— Almost forgot:

Here’s another bicycle related music video.
Owen – One of These Days
Uploaded by ADA_Distribution. – See the latest featured music videos.


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