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Posted by bikezilla on November 30, 2010

— Another cycling related item that I would LOVE to have, but is stupidly over-priced.

The 2011 Cycle Passion Calendar.

I wonder just how much less expensive the “smaller, less expensive” version will be when it comes out.

What are the chances that a girlfriend would buy, “But, Honey, it’s all about the bikes, I swear!”?

— French cycling sucks and even French guys know it. Or at least one really important (in cycling terms) French guy; David Lappartient who is President of the French Cycling Federation (FFC).

Before I get to the next “thought” in this article, I need to point out that Lappartient dings ASO (Amaury Sport Organisation) for being takers, but not giving back to the world of French cycling.

ASO is the owner of several of the most prestigious races in all of professional cycling, most notably the Tour de France.

As such, they’re an arrogant bunch of prigs. They demand much and can be quite nasty about it.

But historically they’ve given damned little in return, aside from the great honor of being allowed to ride in or watch their glorious races.

Lappartient and others, at least according to the above linked article, have been attempting to remedy this with little to show for it beyond constant put-offs and stalling on the part of ASO.

Specifically, Lappartient bemoans ASO’s lack of interest, support and recognition for French amateur races.

So when you read that . . .

ASO saves U23 Paris – Roubaix, instead of being impressed by ASO’s gracious generosity, maybe wonder why they ever let this become an issue and how much begging and hand-wringing was required to get them to step in.

— I again used Twitter to ask a professional cyclist a marvelously probing question of great value to cycling fans everywhere.

“@albertocontador Regardless of guilt or innocence, won’t cycling be harmed more if you are not suspended for 2 yrs than if you are?”

His reply?

What reply?

How they dare ignore such an esteemed and powerful member of the journalistic community is utterly beyond my comprehension.

— Has anyone else noticed that Jakob Fuglsang’s Twitter picture makes him look like a B movie space alien?

— Lance Armstrong has been working the PR like a crack addicted hooker needing a fix. He works feverishly to bury the “Lance is a douche” image and to paint himself as Mr Niceguy.

And now we know that The FDA is more interested in his importation and distribution of illegal drugs than in his personal use.

I wonder, does he expect that if he paints himself a pretty enough image in the public eye, that when he’s standing in front of the judge it’ll make him less likely to become some fat, tattooed redneck’s prison biatch?

— And just for the heck of it, another bike related music video.

So Real – Jeff Buckley,t=1,mt=video
Senior Gonzales | Myspace Video


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