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Posted by bikezilla on November 28, 2010

— Who’s the best rider no one really pays attention to?

The same guy who is the actual #1 ranked rider in the world: Joaquim Rodriguez ( who I, it would seem, misspelled “Joaquin Rodriques” all last season).

And if, like me, you spend a lot of time scratching your head, wondering why we call Spanish riders one name but they’re always on start lists with another, the above linked article explains why: The 1st last name (the one we use) is the paternal last name and the 2nd last name is the maternal last name, which apparently isn’t the actual last name, which is totally fooked, because shouldn’t the last, last name be THE last name? Silly Spaniards.

— Floyd Landis says, the whole damned peloton is a bunch of clenbuterol snarfing junkies.

I have trouble lending much weight to anything Floyd says. This seems like just another “look at me” moment, designed to keep Floyd from sinking into utter obscurity.

But, again, regardless of guilt or innocence, Alberto “It was those damned asthmatic cows” Contador needs to be suspended for a full two years.

And if Kid Squirtgun feels so slighted by this (and he may actually BE grievously slighted)that his indignation compels him to quit professional cycling for good, then, sorry lil pistolero buddy, it’s been great watching you ride, but . . .

— An even cooler bike themed music video.
Bat for lashes | What’s a girl to do | Dougal Wilson
Uploaded by Festival-Mecal. – Music videos, artist interviews, concerts and more.

— Tom Boonen says he’s ready to smash it in the spring Classics.

Just one teensy word of advice, Tom (because you’ve seemed to have an issue with this the last two years): Those sparkling white lines on the side of the road? NOT cocaine. So you maybe, I mean just possibly, should avoid the 40 kph attempted snort that always ends with you sprawled on the pavement, licking white paint and crying.


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