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Thoughts on Stuff (Part Who the Hell Knows)

Posted by bikezilla on November 25, 2010

— I’d love to have a copy of Chasing Legends. But $35? Have you lost yer fookin’ mind?

Why is anything related to professional cycling so stupidly expensive?

It’s like they WANT to chase away middle class and lower income fans.


— Thank you UCI for finally acknowledging that despite having the greatest number of riders in the professional peloton, by a wide margin, that French teams simply suck.

Though UCI still bowed to their ASO masters and gave the nod to Ag2r (who actually ranked lower than Cofidis).

Can’t we just have a first division with zero French teams JUST ONCE?! If there was a God or any justice in the Universe, this would be so.

Here’s the full list.

— How much do your favorite pro cyclists make?

It’s an interesting article, but what stuck out for me as that female cyclists, even at the elite level, have NO salarly minimum.

Women racers get screwed on too many levels and I think it’s fookin’ nonsense.

Until there’s a professional cyclists’ union you aren’t going to see any kind of fairness in this.

Um, Johan Bruyneel, you vowed to make the organizing of riders and teams your life’s mission. Was it all hot air? Was it just bullshiite, like so much of what comes out of your mouth?

— MTB?

I’m stealing a second article and third link from Cycling Tips for this one.

Here’s three tips for we not-so-experienced MTB riders; cornereing, up hill, down hill.

— Here’s a sweet lil “cycling” video to entertain you.

You’re welcome.

— And for the not-so-experienced winter cyclist.

Is this me this year? I haven’t decided, yet.

And my thanks to @BicycleWithMe on Twitter, who has no life and does not eat or sleep, but who does find mad cycling links like a fiend.

— And what of we not-so-experienced road cyclists / commuters?

Using the lanes “properly” and being a “savvy cyclist” is counter-intuitive and takes some real nerve, but overall is probably a MUCH safer way to ride. The problem is the anti-cyclist / cyclist-hater and the roadrage freak, and the likelihood that they’ll be more inspired to Kornheiser or Erzinger you. Of course, they’ll probably do that anyway, so . . .

Again thanks to @BicycleWithMe on Twitter.

— If you’re rich enough, you can find all manner of excuses backed up by the “professional” opinions of other rich people.

— Is Denis Leary, @DenisLeary on Twitter, a Martin Joel Erzinger fan?

T’would seem so.

— If you aren’t a fan of Taylor Phinney, you should be.

Anatomy of a Time Trial (Phinney’s Road to Gold) from Jim Fryer/BrakeThrough Media on Vimeo.


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