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Martin Joel Erzinger: Attempted Murderer?

Posted by bikezilla on November 7, 2010

The Short: On July 3rd, 2010 effeminate Morgan Stanley money manager, Martin Joel Erzinger, (ALLEGEDLY) swerved his vehicle toward unsuspecting Steven Milo from behind and (ALLEGEDLY) used the mirror of his 5,000 LB 2010 Mercedes Benz as a weapon vs defenseless bicyclist, Milo. This left Milo with spinal and other injuries, dying on the roadside as Erzinger (ALLEGEDLY) drove off a safe distance before calling in for a tow due to the mirror which Milo so thoughtlessly destroyed during the (ALLEGED)car vs human collision.

A witness stopped to help Milo and called 911, saving Milo’s life, much to Erzinger’s disappoint and woe.

We’ve all heard of Tony Kornheiser’s promotion of exactly this kind of behavior, admonishing drivers to “tap them (cyclists)”, “pop them” and “RUN THEM DOWN”.

His co-host encourages causing “a limb losing spill”.

You can listen to the full 6 minute anti-cyclist hate speech HERE.

It looks like Erzinger may well be a fan of Kornheiser’s PTI (Pardon the Interruption).

Since Kornheiser’s comments this kind of thing has become too commonplace. Drivers have taken it to heart.

I’ve had car and truck mirrors whoosh by only inches from the side of my face as I ride the mile long stretch of frontage road nearest my apartments. Thankfully they were just trying to “send me a message”, right?

Only that message comes while they’re doing 50+ MPH and if they’d misjudged things just a little I’d likely be dead on the side of the road and they’d just merrily drive off, mourning the damage to their mirrors. Sound familiar, Mr Erzinger?

Mr Erzinger apparently was not satisfied with merely “sending a message” Buzzing by within inches of Milo’s head wasn’t good enough. Instead it was necessary to use that 2010 Benz as a 5,000 lb weapon and smash Milo into the road’s shoulder.

But, oopsy and oh my gosh, that damaged mirror totally took Erzinger by surprise, startling him so badly that he failed to pull back into traffic quickly enough to miss a drainage culvert. Or was he just too busy gloating and chuckling over his merry joke to think about pulling back on to the road proper?

Eagle County District Attorney, Mark Hurlbert, who just happens to be running for the Colorado State Senate, is of a mind with Mr Erzinger: Cyclists should be Kornheisered. They should be “tapped”, “popped”, “RUN DOWN”. It’s what they deserve and better than what they deserve. Mr. Milo had it coming to him for daring to share the road with automobiles. Mr Erzinger was merely exercising his prerogative as a motorist and Mr Milo should be thankful to be alive, shut his mouth and hope that he’s never well enough to ride his bike on the road again.

Mr. Erzinger is a top money manager for Morgan Stanley, handling accounts worth over a billion dollars. He oversees the accounts of “ultra high net worth individuals, their families and foundations.”

Mr. Milo and HIS family would seem not to be of “ultra high net worth” and so are of no value or consequence to Mr Erzinger and Morgan Stanley, nor to DA Hurlbert. What IS important, is that a felony charge against Mr Erzinger would hurt his earnings potential, which is of far greater worth than Mr Milo’s life.

This incident has become the love child of James Haung, AKA @AngryAsian on Twitter and editor of cycling magazines Cycling News and Bike Radar.

Haung as used Twitter and a site called to bring this to the national and even international stage.

Here’s his petition at, attempting to convince anti-cyclist hatemonger DA Hurlbert to go ahead with the felony charges and not reduce them to misdemeanors.

Personally, I’m not sure has ever done any serious good. The numbers in it’s petition collection are generally insignificant and the petitions are generally political partisan hate frenzies.

In this case, I’d guess that the vast majority of petitioners will be from outside of Vail and even Colorado, so they’ll hold next to no real weight.

But if in this case the site can help elevate the profile of this atrocity, and if the strength of popular opinion can be mustered, then the effect of the actual petition is incidental and completely worthwhile.

As a related side note, Mr Hurlbert has seen fit to hide both his Office’s Facebook page and his election Facebook page, all due to the weight of public outcry against his own and Mr Erzinger’s malice in this case.

Rest assured, as soon as he thinks things have calmed down and you’ve forgotten his dirty deeds, he’ll have them back up.

In the meantime, Morgan Stanley continues to be quite proud of Mr Erzinger’s continued tenure on their staff. His character is of no importance to them. Only his ability to make lots and lots of money, counts.


One Response to “Martin Joel Erzinger: Attempted Murderer?”

  1. Dan said

    I live in DA Hurlbert’s district and I signed the petition on Hopefully it makes a difference. We’ll see.

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