Ride the Puddles

Let the Mud-Slinging Commence

Posted by bikezilla on November 5, 2010

With a wealth of top talent fleeing Bjarne Riis as if Hell and all its devils were chasing them, you knew that hidden not too far behind the shadows and silence and secrecy there had to lie a mound of stinking secrets and ugliness.

Eventually the skeletons would be tossed unceremoniously into the light of day. Then the decay and decrepitude of Bjarne’s Saxo empire would be exposed.

And so it begins.

Bjarne throws the first punch, exposing Frank and Andy Schleck, as well as Fabian Cancellara, as snakes and liars, hiding the truth, plotting the demise of Saxo Bank. They would slink and sneak about, like Tolkien’s Gollum, half-concealed in darkness, muttering, gibbering, intent on nothing less than throttling our poor, trusting, Bilboesque Riis.

Fabian continues to play out his months long deceit, claiming that Alberto Contador’s signing was the catalyst for his own flight from Bjarne and Saxo. Except that it’s finally clear that this was his intention since before the 2010 season even began.

How broadly was that conspiracy of flight and destruction spread?

More importantly, how did it come about and why?

Is this an honest picture Bjarne has painted us?

The Schlecks have always seemed to personify integrity. Has Riis really been so victimized? Are the Schlecks the beast that destroyed Saxo? Or is Riis the beast they were fleeing?

Round 1 has gone to Bjarne. But there are a lot of punches yet to be thrown, a lot of mud to be slung. If Bjarne doesn’t want to look the chump, he needs to keep swinging and keep slinging.

Soon, things will open up from the other direction and we’ll start to learn about life under Bjarne’s thumb. When the mud and the punches start flying back at Riis, it’ll be a lot more than just the Schlecks in the fray.


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