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Posted by bikezilla on October 31, 2010

— This is something that’s bugged me since almost as soon as I started following cycling.

The marketing and sponsorship model that professional cycling is built on is not one that allows for longterm viability of any team.

It makes the sport unstable and that lack of stability hurts the raw numbers of the fan base and helps dampen media interest.

— Danilo Diluca had his doping suspension reduced because he helped out with other investigations, so is immediately eligible to ride again.

Dude, he’s a two time loser. I don’t care what he helped out with, he should never be allowed to ride again.

Please God, let him be like a leper. Make him race for some lowly Continental team..

Is this rash of leniency toward some bigger names intended to lay the ground work for giving Alberto Contador a ridiculously light suspension (or none at all)?

And still no one (at least no one at UCI) gives a damn about an identical case with Radioskank’s Fuyu Li.

Ummmmmm, helllllllllllooooooooo, someone wanna pick this up?

— Mark Cavendish (HTC) wants us to know that next year when he quits on his team again at Worlds, we shouldn’t be surprised.


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