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Posted by bikezilla on October 29, 2010

29ers vs 26 inch.

To me, an admittedly horrible mountain-biker, the 26″ wheeled bike seems the not only the lighter, but more nimble.

But the 29er seems the more . . . secure, less jarring and less terrifying when your feet are locked into your clipless pedals and you’re heading down an ugly stretch of downhill.

— Looking at Eric’s updated list of the greatest 100 professional cyclists of the modern era, doesn’t it seem that the Belgians are the pelotons anti-French?

— So, UCI anti-doping gurus worked their azzes off during the Tour, but seemed to actively avoid testing the most suspicious riders.

— Even though Bikezilla on Blogspot and Bikezilla on WordPress have the same material (except for older posts on Blogger and the Ride Journal on WordPress) the two blogs have entirely different readership.

Makes me say, “Huh”.


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