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Posted by bikezilla on October 22, 2010

— Do you think that Alberto Contador is innocent of using clenbuterol?

Velo Vortmax says, “Pish posh!” to that.

No, seriously, he actually said that.

— Mark Cavendish sedated?

Even his jovial cockiness is missing from this interview.

Cav, if you could behave like that every time a microphone / camera was in your face, you’d have your new contract already.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be yourself and vent. I’m just saying that maybe you should save all that for when you’re around friends and family and the media whosits are safely away.

— Jens Voigt officially announces his move to Luxemburg team.

And what I wonder is, how much of the success of all these guys fleeing Saxo Bank, the Schleck brothers, Jens, Fabian Cancellara, O’Grady, Fuglsang, due to who they are? How much is due to Riis?

Is Riis a mastermind at identifying and developing talent? Or did he just get lucky in bringing together an extraordinarily gifted bunch of riders? Would these guys be where and what they are without him?


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