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Posted by bikezilla on October 17, 2010

Alberto Contador and Saxo’s manager, Bjarne Riis are feelin’ groovy about Alberto’s chances of dodging the clenbuterol bullet.

I’m still inclined to believe that he is innocent, and I’m still inclined to believe that regardless of guilt or innocence, cycling will be more damaged if he is not suspended than if he is.

I like ya, Bert, and I’ll hate not seeing you race, but . . .

— But don’t ya think that maybe Richie Port gets a lil woody every time he thinks of the possibility of taking over team leadership if Alberto IS banned?

I opine that Richie will fall on his face if he’s given leadership next year, but it could be one hell of a growing experience for him.

Mark Cavendish is frustrated by HTC’s failure to offer him a contract extension.

1. I can see Cav’s point, since even in an off season he kicked some serious booty and is still the best sprinter in the world. He DESERVES to be paid accordingly.

2. But don’t ya just have to think that if Cav wasn’t such a frequent and gigantic embarrassment to the team, due to his glaring immaturity and inability to keep his mouth shut at times when he’d be well served to exercise “the better part of valor”, that maybe they’d be a good deal more eager to pony up?

3. Once again embarrassing the team in the press, this time quite intentionally, maybe isn’t Cav’s smartest move.

4. Cav, Sky is still a stupid plan for you. You won’t have near the support, so you won’t have near the success, that you have with HTC.

Instead of getting pissed and jumping ship, try wearing your big boy pants a lot more often and you’ll see your life get ever so much easier.

Philippe Gilbert wins a miserable edition of the Tour of Lombardy.

What blew me away is that of the 195 guys who started this cold and wet race, so many either crashed out or just plain sissied out and quit, that only 34 guys were badazz enough to finish.

I love, really love, how cut-throat Gilbert was when Nibali went down, too.

— Nibali gets to lead Liquigas next year at the Giro d’Italia.

Does that mean Ivan Basso is their big dog at the Tour?

And will Nibali then go for the Veulta?


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