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Posted by bikezilla on October 11, 2010

Bradley Wiggins of Team Sky says he and the team messed a few things up.

Go ahead, read the linked article. I’ll wait for you.

Ok, done?


The halfhearted attempt to be the next Lance Armstrong was like having the whole team stand in a circle and smack the guy in front of each person in the back of his head.

I think that if you’re gonna go Lance you need to go full Lance. You either adopt his entire regimen or none of it (ok, maybe not the EPO micro-dosing and testosterone patches, but the whole rest of it). That’ll take a lot more time, analysis and planning to get right than merely saying, “Lance wouldn’t do these races so let’s just say piss off to the lot of them.”

On top of only going half-assed Lance(and not even bothering to do the slightest research on what Going Lance really entails), Bradley and Sky blow off altitude training AND go gangbusters at the Giro (which I thought he rode beautifully).

Hey, you guys could hire Chris Carmichael. Not like Lance needs him anymore and he’s mostly just wasting his days spamming Twitter anyway. He’d be thankful for the diversion, I’m sure.

When you call him use promo code Bikezilla.

Jens Voigt says, “Shut up Bjarne!”

Ok, he actually didn’t say that, at least not in the linked article.

But he DID say he may ride beyond the 2011 season!

My fingers are crossed sooooooooooooo hard! Woooo wooooooooo!

Nick Nuyens thinks the “team spirit” at Saxo Bank is gonna make him a winner.

Does team spirit make up for losing Big Schleck, Baby Schleck, Fabian Cancellara and Jens Voigt, not to mention the Great Latin Hope, Alberto Contador?

Not so much, no.

And is this guy really Saxo’s great hope for replacing Fabian Cancellara? Really? He isn’t even the next Tom Boonen.

Might be a good guy and fine support rider, but can even Riis develop him to the desired level? I’m thinkin’ NO.


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