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Posted by bikezilla on October 4, 2010


Alberto Contador thinks things will wrap up quickly and in his favor regarding his doping suspension.

If it does, does that show that there’s balance and fairness in the system, or that UCI really is a bunch of low-life enablerswho make a show of busting nobodies while protecting the big name guys?

Regardless of his guilt or innocence, I think that letting Alberto off or managing to greatly reduce his suspension would do more harm to cycling’s image than good.

Here’s a few more Q’s to ponder.

*And an interview with l’Equipe

*– Have you noticed that Andy Schleck isn’t making a peep? No, “Please, no, I do NOT wish to win the Tour in this manner.”?

— Anyone else already on the edge of their seat waiting to see U23 TT champion Taylor Phinney go head to head vs Fabian Cancellara?

— What about Ben King (yes, the American one) vs Jens Voigt pushing the front hard or in a break? Which will crack first? And will we see to two of them beating the hell out of each other and simultaneously screaming “Shut up legs!”?

Will Jens Voigt close out his career watching videos of Ben to get stoked before a race?

— Why does God hate me?

— Can my mother really consume more alcohol than her body weight in a single hour?

— Are daughters given to us as some kind of karmic torment?

— Why do middle aged men feel the need to run alongside the peloton wearing nothing but their undies and a flag-cape?

For that matter, why does ANYOHE feel that need.

— Why is Bikezilla not a trending topic on Twitter . . . every day.

— Is Willy Wonka circa 1971 really the greatest movie ever made?


— When the Bible says, “mana” does it really mean “oreos”?

Again, DUH!

— Why is Olivia from “Jerseylicious” so god-awful stupid? It totally ruins how smokin’ azz hot she is.

Please, someone, anyone, tell me it’s just an act.

— Why wasn’t my ex-wife smothered to death in her crib as an infant?


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