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Posted by bikezilla on October 2, 2010

I’m sitting here in my underpants, eating stale tortilla chips and pondering a few things.

— Clenbuterol: Bah. Like I really needed to EVER learn that word.

— Alberto Contador is either an evil, dope-sucking scumbag, or a victim of the evil cattle-doping barons.

And what was the drug? Oh yeah, it’s that “Clenbuterol” word! See, it DID come in handy!

— Some German wank mused that Alberto became (re)tainted with clenbuteral (see, I used it again!) after having a transfusion of his own previously harvested and tainted blood.

To that Alberto declared that he had NEVER had a blood transfusion.

But then:

Plastic or a “plasticizer”, di(2-ethylhexyl), was found in Alberto’s urine. This particular plasticizer is found in . . . blood transfusion bags.

A few questions:

Considering that this is not even a “validated” test or method of testing, doesn’t it seem just a little malicious to even release this data to the public?

Is this particular “plastisizer” found in no other type of plastic in all the world? What about bags of saline? If it is, kind of makes it tough to accept Alberto being the victim of the evil cattle dopers.

But if it’s found in other things, then the release of this info seems all the more malicious.

This article makes it sound like the very same material is found in water bottles and the bags used for “sugar drips”.

Either way, kind of makes you wonder how much plastic is building up in your own bod, don’t it?

— Is anyone pleased, just a tiny bit, that UCI is finally taking down a Big? I mean, right now, who’s bigger than Alberto?

— Does it bother anyone, just a tiny bit, that when a nearly identical story unfolded regarding RadioSkank’s Fuyu Li no one really gave a rats fat ass about whether or not he’d eaten contaminated meat?

Didn’t Li simply state that he was unaware of how he’d come in contact with clenbuterol and someone later tossed the “contaminated food” defense into the ring?

— If the possibility of ingesting clenbuterol-tainted meat is a known issue, why aren’t there thresholds built into the testing process?

— Why does there seem to be no real judicial process? If you have a drug in your system then you’re guilty and you are suspended.

Even if you can prove that you had no idea the food or product was tainted, which pretty clearly makes you guiltless, you STILL get a one year suspension (like swimmer Jessica Hardy)

— But Alberto went to market, the very same market that he claims supplied the meat that poisoned him with clenbuterol, bought him some mo’ meat and wants it all tested for clenbuterol.

And if it tests clean will he do it all again and again and again until he gets the result he wants?

If it tests tainted, big fat hairy deal, instead of two years he MAY have his suspension reduced to one year.

— Ezequiel Mosquera’s story is possibly a bigger heartbreak than Alberto Contador’s.

Mosquera is, what, 34? He’s no Contador and never was. He was a fairly obscure little guy who seemed to steal 2nd place at the Vuelta away from the “real” contenders, through nothing but a relentless refusal to give in to his suffering. It was incredibly emotional and inspiring to watch him ride.

Except that he had a little help from hydroxyethyl starch.

Anyone heard a lot of outcry to defend this perennial mud dweller made hero?

I didn’t think so.

— If Alberto rode dirty this year, doesn’t that seem to say that the only guy who could match him, Andy Schleck, also rode dirty?

Wouldn’t it also seem to say that Alberto was dirtier last season and that Lance Armstrong must have been just as dirty, then?

And in cycling news:

— Phillipe Gilbert (Belgium) is trying to remove some of the heat from himself by pushing the mantle of “Outright Favorite” in the direction of Switzerland’s Fabian Cancellara.


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