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Amgen EPO Tour of California: Sabotaging the Giro?

Posted by bikezilla on September 25, 2010

In the comments to my article about Amgen EPO Tour of California’s introduction of an Alpe d’Huez type climb and stage in order to boost rider and fan interest, Geoff said:

“I don’t care if these clowns have the riders climb the thing on flat-tired kids’ trikes for maximum drama, they can all still bite it for scheduling the Tour of California against the Giro. Plus half the peloton jacked their season with injuries. Dirtbags!”

This, of course, just filled me wee brain with questions.

We’ll go into this stipulating that UCI, ASO and the organizers of the Amgen EPO Tour of California all embezzle funds, evade taxes, have huge cocaine and heroine addictions, torture animals, are amorous with their siblings and first cousins, and abuse their spouses and their children.

With that out of the way . . .

What about Cali organizer’s view that the Amgen EPO Tour of Cali is a race for the most serious contenders for the Tour and, strictly for that purpose, superior to the Giro?

Is it the case that the riders who do Cali are making a strict “either / or” choice? Or are they simply riders or teams with differing goals for the season?

Were they previously likely to do the Giro because, even though it may overtax them in their preparation for the Tour, it seemed to be their only option?

Didn’t ASO come out strongly supportive of this move?

So, what about UCI’s relationship with ASO and ASO’s role in this? UCI sucks ASO ding ding (add that to the above list of stipulated character flaws), at least until they feel they can have the upper hand in the relationship.

Is this on some level an effort by ASO to bleed off top riders from the Giro (regardless of the validity of why they switch to Cali)? Are they aiding the sabotage of a competing Grand Tour in an effort to maintain their on position as THE Grand Tour?

Was the move of Cali to May encouraged by ASO to help maintain the lopsided balance of power that exists between the three Grand Tours, with the Tour, rightly or wrongly, being viewed as the most coveted?

And here’s the link to my original article on this from last year.


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